Meet Antonia Summer singer/songwriter/Actor

Antonia Summer is a singer/songwriter/Actor and from Hornchurch in Essex.
She was born in Surrey, England to Ugandan parents who moved back when she was only 2 years old. She lived there for 9 years and moved back to England at 11 where she continued her studies.
Antonia started singing, recording and writing music from a very young age. She is inspired by various artists, such as Whitney Houston, Mayra Andrade, Buika and Selena Quintanilla.
In 2011 aged just 19, she traveled to New York City for 6 months to pursue her music career, performing at prestigious open mic shows throughout Manhanttan & working with prolific producers at an independent record label.
She is currently performing around London at different gigs and working on her album which intimately reveals her versatility with RNB come Pop style and is due to be released in 2016.

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How to ace the Wimbledon Dress Code by Naomi Isted

by Naomi Isted

Watch tour video featuring celebrity stylist Naomi Isted as we look at some of the key trends this summer season and all your “dos” and “Wimbledon’ts” as Kim Sears, Pippa Middleton, royalty and Hollywood celebs get set to ‘take their seats’ over the next couple of weeks

It’s one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, synonymous with strawberries and cream, Pimm’s drinking and traditional English summer style. Despite the strict dress code being slightly relaxed in recent years there are expected requirements in place when it comes to Wimbledon attire, with smart clothing regarded by many as part of the experience.

Protocol for the royal box is a simple one; dress code is smart, suits/jacket and tie for the men and for the ladies likewise smart attire is a must and ladies are asked not to wear hats, as they tend to obscure the vision of those seated behind them.

And while players on court need to keep to an “almost entirely white” dress code, luckily for many spectators there are less restrictions but that doesn’t stop people wanting to dress to impress, whether they are supporting on Murray Mount or Centre Court.

There are some key trends this summer to look out for including ruffles, floral print and summer pastels. So watch our video featuring celebrity stylist Naomi Isted who has teamed up with Süüna Sunglasses at the Istituto Marangoni to talk us through some of the hottest trends for the season and offer some great tips and inspiration for all the ladies and gentlemen of SW16.

Now you know what to wear, here is a list of what isn’t acceptable if you’re lucky enough to be rubbing shoulders with the glitterati at this year’s Wimbledon Championships.




  • Shorts
  • Torn, ripped or unclean clothing
  • Garments in military camouflage colours
  • Beach wear
  • Flip -flops
  • Crop tops or anything baring the midriff



  • Shorts
  • Shirts which do not have a collar including crew neck shirts
  • T-shirts or singlets
  • Torn ripped or unclean clothing
  • Tracksuits
  • Garments in military camouflage colours
  • Beach wear
  • Flip-flops





Miss USSR UK for 2016

After twenty contestants competed for the top prize, Agne Skopaite rose above the rest and was crowned Miss USSR UK for 2016.

Agne (from Lithuania) was honoured with the title of Miss USSR UK, which took place on Friday, the 22nd April, at the Troxy Concert hall, London. She won a gorgeous crown sponsored by the exclusive jewellery brand, The Jewellery Theatre, as well as an amazing chic dress provided by O’Blanc. She was also confirmed a participating spot in the MISS RUSSIAN MIAMI 2017. Additionally, she will not only be featured on the cover of the only Russian luxury magazine in London, the Rutage, Agne will receive 180 days of training sessions combined with excellent nutrition advice from Emannuel Gutirrez, famous celebrity trainer and nutritional expert.

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This luxurious and exquisite night had an exclusive selection of guests and judges. On the stage, the following amazing performers entertained the crowd: Boney M (Sheyla Bonnick), Ottawan (Esther), Sati Kazanova (Russian singer), Isabella (singer), and DJ Masha Tsigal (famous DJ). Just off the stage, while enjoying the performances, sat the judges deciding who their winning choice would be. The judges consisted of Ciro Orsini (word-famous restaurateur), Danny Lambo (Britain’s flashiest playboy), Anna Khilkevich (actress), and Julia Titova (CEO MISS USSR UK).


The evening was filled with an electric atmosphere consisting of over 2,000 stylish guests, from business people, diplomats, and celebrities, to designers, supermodels, and prominent public figures. The variety of entertainment these spectators witnessed was a night filled with live music from sensational global artists, an elegant beauty contest, and celebrity performances. There were astounding fashion showings from O’ Blanc, Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova, and Lavishly Appointed, and a ballet and modern dance extravaganza by Flow Dance London. The event included a charity auction supporting the Warmed Heart charity, and so much more.



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Thai dress of royal endorsement

Thailand has a strong heritage of national costume which has a history going back to the 13th century. Formal Thai costume, known in Thai as Chut thai phra ratch niyom which literally means Thai dress of royal endorsement , consists of a number of different designs that are primarily intended as national dress for formal occasions. These set of designs where conceived during the 20th century by Queen Sirikit who recognised a need for a officially decreed modern national costume which represented the tradition, culture, race, and identity of the Thai people clearly. The queen undertook research into historical royal dress, from the Sukhothai period (1238-1247), Ayutthaya Period (1350 – 1767) and Rattanakosin Period (Founded 1782), which resulted in the creation of eight official designs that were used for the queen and her aides. These dresses have since become popular in Thailand and have become an icon of Thai Traditional dress for its people and the world. These dress designs usually consist of a sinh, a blouse and a sabai. A sinh is a full length wrap around skirt with two pleated folds in the front called na nang and Sbai is a piece of fabric, often made of silk, draped diagonally over the chest and one shoulder. These two garments are often combined with a silk blouse and worn in different colours and patterns for various formal and casual occasions.

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