67 – She Wants

Resilient by nature and formidable by name, 67 has shifted the landscape of UK drill and they are set to cause a further eruption with their upcoming mixtape project ‘The 6’.

67 she wantsGaining major recognition as the original UK Drillaz, the Brixton Hill natives success is paramount to their authentic, abrasive and unapologetic attitude. Rising from the raw and honest truths of their inner-city lives that their music portrays, 67 have become a voice for a frustrated generation which has been acknowledged and celebrated by a MOBO nomination for Best Newcomers, a GRM Daily award for Best Mixtape, along with numerous high profile collaborations with the likes of Giggs, Dizzee Rasal and Headie One. Key supporters include the likes of Tim Westwood via his ‘Crib Session’ series and Amelia Dimz Chicken Shop Date, each gaining millions of views online and their journey has also been documented online via Mike Skinner’s documentary for Noisey entitled ‘Don’t Call It Road Rap’. With such a noteworthy elevation, 67 have become the poster boys for UK Drill and as they continue their positive elevation via their music, ‘The 6’ is set to provide them with their next benchmark of success.

Incorporating numerous members, the synergy of 67 entails an admixture of personalities bound together by their mutual hunger and drive. Each member is a standout emcee in their own right, having released a string of solo records, the most recent of which is from LD who collaborated with international superstar Dizzee Rascal for ’Stepped In’, yet the collective mixtape sees 67 reach full power as they reconnect with one another, including original member SJ who joins Dimzy, LD, Monkey, ASAP, Liquez for their latest conquest.

The ideology expressed within ’The 6′ delves deep within the realms of conscious rap, stripped back to 67’s reality, their story and most importantly their truth. The concepts build up a raw yet coherent picture depicting road life and ‘The 6’ takes us on a journey through the eyes of each member. With an experimental stylistic approach to their flow, lyricism and beats, their distinctive sounds blend together as an amalgamation of Chicago drill, trap, grime and rap. Their prominent stance as the gatekeepers between the worlds of the underground and mainstream remains and is a formula that’s hard to top.

67 she wants Unearthing a selection box of gems, the 16-track tape serves up stand out records such as the atmospheric ’She Wants’ and the bass heavy ‘Bloodpit’. Tracks such as the tape’s debut single ‘Pink Notes’ (which accumulated 1/4 million YouTube views in its first week online), Flavours and ‘Hot Steppin’ deliver the distinctive 67 sound and style that has earned them their large and loyal following. With the project set for release on 6th July, ’The 6’ will be 67’s first release available in both a physical CD format as well as digitally to stream and is set to take them to chart success.

 ORDER 67 ‘THE 6’– http://smarturl.it/67the6


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