Almost Love

A romantic comedy about a group of friends navigating love, life, and relationships as they reach the mid-point. At the heart of the story is Adam (Scott Evans), a talented painter now stuck ghost painting for successful contemporary artist, Ravella Brewer (Patricia Clarkson). He and Marklin (Augustus Prew) are at the five-year mark of their relationship. They don’t have kids, they’re not married, and are face to face with the existential question “Is that all there is?” Their friend circle is confronting the same question in a whole host of ways: Elizabeth (Kate Walsh), Adam’s best friend, is at the 15 year mark of her marriage, ready to bail when she discovers her husband’s inappropriate text relationship with a  younger woman; friend Cammy (Michelle Buteau) is dating Henry (Colin Donnell), but they never leave the house; Haley (Zoe Chao) is trying to figure out if her feelings for Scott James (Christopher Gray) are maternal or something more. Everyone’s a bit of a mess, but at the same time eternally optimistic at finding new ways to make things work.

UK VOD Release: March 1, 2020 (Under the UK Title SELL BY).

US Theatrical: April 3, 2020

Distribution Company: Vertical Entertainment  

Writer & Director: Mike Doyle

Cast: Scott Evans, Augustus Prew, Michelle Buteau, Colin Donnell, Zoe Chao, Christopher Gray, with John Doman, Patricia Clarkson & Kate Walsh

Producers: Mandy Ward, Ellyn Vander Wyden, Kaolin Bass, Mile Doyle

Executive Producers: Bruce Hall, Luke Olbrich, Don Pongrace, Olwen Pongrace

Runtime: 92 minutes


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