Andy Jordan Makes a Stunning Return to Music in New Single: ‘Gin & Jazz’.

Drawing heavily on contemporary jazz and soul influences, singer-songwriter Andy Jordan tells the story of life’s heartaches in his new single ‘Gin & Jazz’.

The song marks a fresh start and creative direction for the musician – his first release since EP: “Another Man’s Eyes” in 2016.

Opening with a heavy bass line, the jazz-inflected track features a yearning hook: ‘Cos all I ever wanted, was the nights with gin and jazz, / And all I asked of you was that you leave behind your man’ – an ode to the songs of Chet Baker.

Andy Jordan is a Soul/Jazz balladeer from the South West. He debuted his music career in 2013 with single: “Whole Lot of Water”, shortly followed by debut EP ‘Geography’- going on to sell well over 10,000 copies independently.

Speaking on the release, Andy Jordan tells us:
“I’ve had a few years of high and lows and have written plenty of songs to tell the tales, I’m stoked for everyone to hear my new track.”