Giving Teens a Voice – Hitha Releases “Special”

14 year old pop artist, Hitha has been picking up praise both in the UK and US which has seen her build a strong fan base and a solid base to launch herself as a pop sensation. Her new single ‘Special’ see’s her songwriting once again grow from strength to strength.

After the success of her debut single, “Standing Up with Pride”, Hitha is ready to release her follow-up, “Special”, which comes with two very important messages. Although given the ballads title, you might think this is a strictly boyfriend/girlfriend message, it is in fact to dedicate to anyone special in your life, from friends to relatives to those who sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve. Secondly, it’s a message to teens that their opinions matter – that their feelings are not to be trivialised and that they should have their thoughts and ideas matter too.

Born to Indian parents, 14 year-year-old Hitha is an all-round entertainer – dancer, writer, singer and musician, embracing both Western musical traditions as well as a passion for Bollywood dancing and traditional Indian singing. These influences, along with her love for Western pop are combined to give the very best of both worlds – immediate catchy melodies, emotion and instrumentation and rhythms which give Hitha the ability to pay respect to her heritage. This is especially true with “Special” which sees Hitha dedicating the track to her grandmother in a ballad which features both saxophone and flute, the latter of which gives a richness and purity as well as an element from her passion for traditional Indian music.

Managing to balance school life, the trials and tribulations of a teenager and a musical career is no mean feat, but Hitha achieves it all with almost superhuman cheerfulness and is hoping to both inspire teens to have the confidence to express themselves whilst also asking older generations to take the time to listen to them and to understand that their feelings are just as important.