Leo Twins- The Talented Lads

Interview By Hina Awan

Music is not merely about someone coming up with a good voice and singing, music has so many forms. Singer catches everybody’s attention but the music yes the music behind that particular song directly goes to the heart of someone who has got a good music sense.

Today fab Asia proudly welcomes two very talented musicians & twin brothers, Haroon & Sharoon known more popularly as LEO TWINS.

Leo Twins
These immensely talented Pakistani lads have got some exceptional music skills.

Leo twins welcome to fab Asia’s celebrity guests list for this week. How are you people doing?
It’s really an honour interviewing one of my favourite celebrities, including me your fans must be really keen to know about you today.
1. leo twins can you please sum up your journey or struggle until now which led you both step into singing.

We grew up listening church music that became an inspiration but we started off when our elder brother Asher gifted me (Sharoon) a violin before that we never thought to pursue music professionally. We still remember that we got our first guitar after selling our mobile phones to music.

“Youngsters our age usually spend on expensive cell phones which are a necessity. We, on the other hand, wanted to buy the guitar which was our necessity,”

And so our musical journey has begun and we made our way to Ustadidreesahmed Khan to take up professional lessons. Our attendance at Church each week where we became a regular feature with the church choir and active participation helped us a lot to understand music.

2. You both showcased your talent for the very first time in NESCAFE BASEMENT season 3 & 4, how was the experience working with such good singers and it was not just a guitar or violin u both played instead it was exceptional I must say, so your fans want to know about the experience.

we must say we were one of those lucky few to be a part of Nescafe basement and working with such exceptionally talented Artists and mentor like Xulfii bhaiis a dream come true. The experience was literally an eye-opener for us and has helped us a lot in our music.

3. Being here at a position today, when people know you both for your awesome music skills and your talent, how do you both feel being here?

It feels really good to be acknowledged by your fans around the globe and renowned artists of Pakistan. And that’s what an artist needs the most and that thing actually keeps us evolving and let us make good music.

4. OK, Leo twins why only guitar and violin? Like when did it pop up your mind saying, yes music it is.
we seek inspiration in music, and while choosing these instruments we found that the combination is Exceptionally rare and beautiful.

5. You both are so young how do you manage b/w studies and music?

After completing graduation we both stepped into music professionally and further going to study in music.

6. Cover of ED SHEERAN’S shape of you, released by you both gained popularity and was a huge hit. Which thought led you both to cover that song?  Didn’t you both find it difficult?

The idea came first to do this by thinking about the eastern instruments we could play and initially generated by Xulfibhai and it turned out beautifully.Making music is not difficult for us, in fact, it’s the best way to us being instrumentalists to express our feelings through it.

7. It usually requires a lot of support to step into something as challenging as music, how was the role of your family and friends?

We completed high school and started playing music. Our parents were initially not supportive and wanted us to pursue higher education and branch into lucrative professions, but we managed to change their perception.

8. Leo twins, what do you think is lacking in the present music industry? And what do you think is overrated?

Pakistani music industry has been evolving rapidly since past years and we need more music platform like Nescafe basement so the emerging artists can showcase their talent. We think that people are focusing more on PR rather than promoting the real art.

9. Any upcoming projects? your fans want to know.

A lot of projects are in the pipe line including our original instrumental/songs, collaborations with some of the extremely talented artists and have been producing a song for an upcoming film by renowned music director Shoaib Mansoor.

10. How did you both make it to Nescafe basement?

The launch of our first instrumental track online caught the attention of Xulfibhai from Nescafe Basement who featured the musicians in the previous seasons.

Sharon- I still remember, it was June 6th and I got that phone call from Xulfibhai to be a part of Nescafe basement. I was speechless.

11.  What type of music are you both into? Like if you have to choose b/w pop, jazz, hip-hop or classical?

The love for eastern classical music was there since we started off but we are now focusing on mixing eastern and western tunes and reintroducing our traditional instruments such as tabla rubab and harmonium.

12. Any message for your fans?
Be yourself and believe in yourself and never let anyone down you.

13. Few lines for fab Asia?
we would love to thank you FabAsia for promoting Pakistani Music.

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