Short yet creative and productive interview with jasim haider & the pindi boys

Interview by Hina Awan

Singing is not as easy as it seems to be, and when it’s about a band performing together it’s even more difficult because the responsibility of performing well gets equally divided on all the members of the band and this is the only factor that leads to more intense hard work, synchronization and perfect timing while performance. Today the band which is on fabASIA’s celebrity list of this week is the one who left their mark on a reality TV show pepsi battle of the bands, the band who gained popularity in a very short time span due to their Pindi swag and yes of course due to their excellent performances one after another.

Well, let’s welcome the one and only Jasim haider & the pindi boys on our slot.

I am really glad to interview you people so will be your fans as they are gonna get to know more about you today.

1. How are you all doing?
Well, we are doing really good.

2. Can you please sum up your journey uptil now for your fans?
Well, it all started long ago. I (jasim) was always into singing since my childhood I and my younger brother emaan used to jam together along with our two friends, who are our band members, Adeel and mohsin. Adeel is the lead guitarist and Mohsin is our bass guitarist and my younger brother emaan holds the position of drummer. My younger brother went abroad for studies after that I used to perform alone. sometimes with remaining band members also. In 2011 I released many singles, and all my singles got a good response from listeners. Then in 2014, we (whole band) released a song that goes viral in a very short time span, PINDIBOYS. This song was loved by everybody. After that, we performed at many places live, and the audience gave us immensely an unbelievable appreciation. So we formed a band named Jasim haider & the pindi boys.

3. if you people have to choose b/w hip-hop, jazz, classical etc what would be your guys comfort zone genre and why?
Well, we all have a different taste in music. My comfort zone genre is different from rest of the band members and their comfort zone genre is different from mine and each other. But I have to pick among many genre mine favourite will be blues. I m inspired by vital signs that is my favourite band. Even my songs reflect some touch of their songs.

4. how was the experience performing in Pepsi battle of the bands and whose idea it was?
Well, it was an awesome experience, performing in front of such talented judges and receiving positive comments and appreciation. That was a really good feeling. It was a huge learning experience and now when we sit and jam together we jam with a totally different energy and some new innovations in our music.which our fans will experience in our upcoming album that is almost ready to be released. Well, we were busy working on our upcoming album, when our friends told us about Pepsi pepsi battle of the bands, we sent our demo and then we got a confirmation call from them and we paused our album work and went there. It was an amazing part of our music career.

5. Any plans to release your own album?
Absolutely yes, our album is almost ready and we will release it soon just waiting for the right time.

6. Obviously, it requires a lot of support from family and friends to step into something as challenging as singing, how was the support of your friends and family?
Our family have always been very supportive, each and every one of us has worked so hard to reach this level of band’s perfection. We have faced a lot of hardships and discouraging attitude from people but the consistency, persistence and the love for music kept us stick to our passion and this is the reason behind all the success and love we have achieved.

7. what is that particular source of inspiration for you guys that keeps on giving you strength.
Well, my idol is Junaid Jamshed, listening to him has always given me inspiration. I try to follow him even while singing which is audible and visible to my songs. But yes there is always a room for improvement so we keep on working hard and always believe in exploring new things in music. Choosing this profession has cost us our jobs, our families, spending time with them. And we always kept music on our first priority.

8. what do you think is lacking or overrated in the current Music industry?
Well, I believe musicians nowadays have a perception of considering singing as a part-time job or a hobby. Upcoming musicians keep this field as their second priority, which actually is not true. a true musician has to make it, it’s first priority. it’s a very vast profession and requires a lot of time and hard work.

9. any message for your fans?
Yes, of course, a big thank you to our fans who have always been supporting us through all the thick and thins. And our upcoming album is dedicated to all our fans. Keep supporting us and keep loving us this way.

10. Few lines for fabASIA?
Pakistan has got a lot of talent keep reaching out to all the talented musicians. Keep interviewing them and thank you so much for having us in this slot. More power to you guys.

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