Austel – Hours

Written by Austel and collaborator Adam Stark and produced at Stark’s studio in South London, Hours explores the highs and lows of self-identity in the modern world, learning to make peace with yourself and find the light within the darkness. Delicate descending piano melodies are placed in an ambient atmosphere, while haunting vocal harmonies develop into an optimistic, emboldened chorus.

The video – created through visual algorithms written by Stark which animate and contort Austel’s personal photographs – is a surreal animation of landscapes and mesmeric imagery, traversing the industrial and natural surroundings that have affected the song’s formation and lyrical composition.

Austel`s Bio

Austel creates new music from the spaces in between: between the city and places long left behind; between the solitary and the social – conjuring haunting soundscapes full of rich harmonies to produce an immersive, ethereal experience

Migrating to London just days after turning 19, Austel – aka Devon-born artist Annie Rew Shaw – quickly established herself in its music scene; working on multiple collaborations (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Lyla Foy, Munro Fox, Stella Martyr, Marie Naffah), including 3 UK tours and appearances at Glastonbury festival. This rugged ‘on-the-road’ experience combined with a classically-trained background have shaped Austel’s unique musical character and voice.

In summer 2018, Austel released her debut EP Unfold – co-written with and produced by music technologist Adam Stark (MI.MU Gloves, Rumour Cubes). Unfold explores a dreamy sonic landscape, drawing upon influences from artists such as Daughter, James Blake and Nils Frahm.