Billions ft Ayo Beatz- Motive (New Music Video)

Putting in the work on the underground circuit, Billions CFL is the latest rapper to hit your radar with tens of thousand’s of instagram followers, hundreds of thousands of streams and hundreds of thousands of YouTube views in tow.

Billions cfl x ayo beatz motive

Establishing an impressive following through his luxurious rap and videos, singles such as ‘Make it Home’ have racked up over ¼ million views on Link Up TV whilst his ‘10 Toes’ freestyle has almost 200k views on GRM Daily. Now teaming up with super-producer Ayo Beatz for a second time, he drops the latest from his arsenal in the form of ‘Motive’. 
Barring it out over an afro-trap beat, the bouncy number takes its trap influence from Billions American counterparts and dips the lyricism in London lingoContinuing to document his exuberant lifestyle, the video is splashed with designer clothes, popping bottles and a line up of ladies as Billions and Ayo Beatzwork out their latest ‘Motive’.


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