This year  in August  we are planing to shooting a  one of the most important subject in the World  its called  ” Islamophobia ”

The film will be an epic feature length film of approximately 130 mins.
The Islamophobia will be filmed in Turkey ,Bosnia The Nedherland, Belgium Uk  and Germany.
Genre:Drama,Action ,love and  compassion

Omer Sarikaya Writer/Director and Producer  :
‘’ISLAMO-PHOBIA’’ Islamophobia, literally means fear of Islam and hatred against Muslims, an irrational hostile understanding due to discrimination and prejudice

”PHOBIA”The fear in Europe,is hostility, prejudice, discrimination,hate, crime or racism,against Islamophobia,Antisemitism,Anti-Christian sentiment, Anti-Russian sentiment,Anti-African sentiments also to the other foreigners and religions… The phobia in European societies emanates in part from a  fear of rising.

Does every Christian hatreat? No
Does every muslim are terrorist? No
Is Islam a Violent Religion? No

That why this  film it will show that, not every muslim are terrorist and also not every christianity and european are hatreat and Islam  Religion are not Based On Terrorism The film will showing  love and compassian in Islam, and also the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

This is a Peace,Charity and Solidarity Film (Based non-profit organization)
This is a concept of compassion,  mercy and blessing.

This is  a charity based on non -profit film, and the profits from this film will go to charity dealing with refugees and/or of humanitarian aid. for  more info  and actors picture  here

Our goal  is to get selected by Oscar,and also to be in the competition,for the most prestigious film festivals around the world. and the biggest goal is to get a  ”Nobel price”. becouse   this is a Noble act!
And also our  aim is over 200 million people watching this film

“ISLAMOPHOBIA”, to the highest of hollywood standards. It is with this story that a truly incredible film will be made. we believe this film will reach out to people all over the World in positive way… And this film will showing that ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists, ‘Not all Christianity and Jews are heated, there is no different than saying all muslims are terrorist, all christians are hypocrites..


Mr and Miss Nigeria UK 2016

Mr & Miss Nigeria UK
Cultural Beauty Pageant is back and ready to take over London THIS MONTH on September 25th 2016.


You are all invited to experience a show embracing the Nigerian culture and the crowning of the new Mr and Miss Nigeria UK 2016

Make sure you are there!!!



More information:


Mr & Miss Nigeria UK 2015 Live Final

Sunday 25th September 2016

Islington Assembly Hall
Upper Street
London N1 2UD
United Kingdom

Nikka Lorak’s Photography Exhibition at ‘The Library-St. Martyns Lane’ in London

By: Rebeca Riofrio
Photography : Cem Kaplan

We had the pleasure to visit Nikka Lorak’s Photography Exhibition private members club ‘The Library-St. Martyns Lane’ in London on the 7 July 2016.

Nikka   is a fashion photographer whose life is a journey. Literally, Nikka is an experienced traveller whose passion for traveling and cultural discovery brings her to the most exotic spots of the planet.

The exhibition KENYA: BACK TO ROOTS is dedicated to Kenya, one of the most fascinating country from Lorak’s travel diary. The project brings together traditional Kenyan costume and contemporary fashion. Shot in collaboration with 5 fashion and 3 accessories designers, it is a project that reflects cultural pride, strong bond with local traditions andfuture aspirations of Kenyan fashion elite.

Breathtaking sunsets, colourful jungle and endless ocean set an exotic background for strong female characters, that according to Kenyans, are modern power shifters. One of Lorak’s photographs is called ‘Shifted Power’ and depicts that modern Amazon, who, despite of wearing traditionally inspired outfit, steps forward leaving two Masai warriors, a symbol of traditional Kenyan military power, way behind.

Another popular motif in BACK TO ROOTS project is fusion of traditional and modern wear that symbolises Kenyan past and future. ‘No tree can be fruitful without roots’ say Kenyans.True indeed. Kenyan fashion designers create modern wear and accessories drawing inspiration in splendid local nature and colourful national costume, that also include traditional wear of Masai warriors.


If you wish to know more about Nikka and her work see her website.

[email protected]


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Gushlow & Cole open online store


Gushlow & Cole have long been known in the exclusive circle of British shearling design. Londoners in the know snapped up the brand’s early designs at Spitalfields; with fashion names such as Amanda Wakeley and Nicole Farhi using Gushlow & Cole’s designs and stitch techniques within their collections.

Since launching in 1997, Britain has been deprived of their lines due to the huge export demand for the label – but today this relatively unknown duo from south London are fast becoming known internationally as one of Britain’s luxury brands.

With a long family heritage, steeped in traditional shearling make; Gushlow & Cole continue to handcraft every piece entirely in Britain. Paying homage to their growing family of craftsmen and women, the individual makers name is sewn into every piece.

Whilst celebrating the 1st year anniversary of their online store, this fall will see the launch of the most comprehensive shearling collection available to buy online to date! – “An urban yet elegant take on traditional British shearling design” – Katrina Cole.

Talking about Bormes les Mimosas with François Arizzi, The Mayor

photomaire w

Sir Mayor can you please tell us, in a few words, about your municipality?

You will not be surprised if I tell you that Bormes les Mimosas is the most beautiful town in the world! Nestled between the forest of the Maures hills and the Mediterranean Sea, facing the ‘Iles d’Or’, Bormes les Mimosas is a leading tourist destination. It has a true historical and architectural heritage but also a coastline that has been only slightly urbanized. With its white sandy beaches, one can walk or swim in a completely preserved environment.  Bormes also has a modern port of 1200 moorings, each equipped with the latest equipment. Finally, Bormes has a strong wine tradition with rosé wines ranked amongst the best in the Provence region.

In your opinion, what are the most important sights to discover?

There are many. This medieval village, a French flagship ofFlowered Villages of France, is ina unique setting nestled on a hillside. Bormes has been given many awards, including the most recently designated label ‘remarkable garden’for the Gonzalez Park. In addition, the famous Fort of Bregançon can be visited in season with a reservation at the tourist office. Visitors can also discover the coastal nature path which runs along the coast several kilometers, the vineyards, the chapel Notre Dame de Constance above the village that has an exceptional 360 ° panorama… I will stop here because the list is long…

The summer program in your town is very eclectic. Why this variety?

The diversity of tourists who visit Bormes les Mimosas createdifferent needs and desires. Our neighborhoods and our venues are also very diverse. The calm and serenity of the village contrasts with the busy summer family and friendly ambience in the district of La Favière. Therefore, it is important to bring a certain eclecticism in our programming that corresponds to everyone.

This year, you are launching anArgentine Tango Festival. Can you tell us a few words about it?

Four days of Argentine tango are programmed from 7th to 10th July. Courses with the greatest masters of Argentines Tango will take place each day at the sailing school of La Favière. In the evening, in the village, you will find beginning dance classes during the aperitif hour at the place Gambetta and demonstrations from 9 pm onwards at the Castle. The culmination of the festival will be on July 9th, when we honor Hippolyte Bouchard,anative of Bormes and hero of the Argentinian revolution and liberation of Buenos Aires. This year, the ceremony will be particularly sumptuous, in the context of the bicentennial of the independence of Argentina.

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Another important meeting, an exhibition devoted to Dali…

This summer the Arts and History Museum will host an exhibition devoted to Salvador Dali. Jordi Casals’s private collection will be exhibited on this occasion. Photos made by Dali, as well as photos of Dali himself, along withoriginal engravings and surprises await the public. This is an opportunity for us to highlight our Museum which is located in the heart of the village.

Classical music lovers are not forgotten with the “Musicales de Bormes” concerts that will take place for the second year in the unique setting of the Fort of Bregançon…

Actually, the medieval village lends itself admirably to classical music programming, which will provide a new momentum for the ‘Musicales de Bormes’ program in 2016. For the second year in a row, French National Monuments, in charge of opening of the Fort of Bregançon to the public, agreed to allow a night concert in July and one in August on siteat the Fort. The panorama and the quality of programming will make these moments exceptional. Contact our Tourist Office, because tickets are limited.

To conclude, in one sentence, how can you describe summer in Bormes les Mimosas?

Relaxation, happiness, joy of living. We make every effort to provide interesting events and programs with cleanliness and safety so that we may receive our visitorsunder the best possible conditions and make their stay as comfortable as possible. The Mayor, elected officials and municipal services are highlyinvested in this objective.

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IDEAL had a Roof Top Launch Party

IDEAL . . . The modeling agency that cares


We believe that through our years of being behind the scenes of the fashion industry, we have acquired the necessary knowledge to guide and advise models how to make the most of their careers.  We have developed a network which will enable them to get an insight into what it takes to become the IDEAL model.


After several years of running See:Saw Clothing (male fashion brand) our eyes were opened to the amount of job opportunities presented to male models. As active members of the fashion society we felt something should be done to offer more hence IDEAL. Our purpose is to find those with the passion and drive to achieve more, we believe with IDEAL as their mentor success is infinite.

This new venture materialized on the15th June with a launch party at Dalston Roof Park London. With a fashion show sponsored by See:Saw Clothing, live performance from Rapper Raw Smilez accompanied with DJ Carmen London from Pulse88 radio.


Greeted with a cocktail reception, rooftop settings, fashion show, live performances and goodie bags. This was an evening of style, music and outstanding talent.

Based in central Londonand are easily accessible by all modes of transport.


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Teleios Movie Premiere

Director Ian Truitner. 2016

Teleios Movie Premiere

This sci-fi thriller follows five genetically engineered ‘perfect’ humans who are sent on a rescue mission to Titan. Their objective: to retrieve the sole survivor of a failed expedition. A deep space mining vessel has been adrift for two years and it is suspected that the crew had brutally killed each other, but the reason for the bloodbath is unknown. The genetically modified ‘superior’ humans must investigate yet, under the stress of isolation in outer space, the crew begins to exhibit previously concealed character flaws. Cracks appear within the group which threaten the success of the mission – and also their chances of survival. Stars Sunny Mabrey, Michael Nouri, Lance Broadway, Weetus Cren, TJ Hoban and Christian Pitre.










Singer song writer JETHRO SHEERAN : “I was devastated when my daughter was taken from me”…


Jethro Sheeran



It was a great pleasure in meeting the singer song writer Jethro Sheeran during his album launch party “Cornerstone” in Embargo Chelsea – London .

We had a lovely chat with the warm hearted talented young man. He open up and told us about his music – background – new projects and personal life experiences.



Hip-hop and urban pop artist known as Alonestar who won Best Male Artist and Best Urban Song awards at the Exposure Music Awards. He released an EP titled Warrior.


He worked as a model at storm model agency and acted in a worldwide Coca-Cola commercial as well as two Prada campaigns and a Calvin Klein campaign.


He has collaborated with other artists such as Rosie Ribbons, Ja Ja Soze, The Game and Lifford and appeared in Sylvester Stallone’s movie Judge Dread.


He was born in Bristol and later moved to London, England. He has a daughter named Skyla Rain Sheeran.


He is the cousin of Ed Sheeran who he has worked on multiple songs with since they were young. Ed was featured smashing a car in Alonestar’s video Skyla Rain…. (Read more in:




Please could you tell us about your background and how it leads to the work you do today? 

1)   I’m originally from Bristol so I grew up there and was heavily influenced by the music scene growing up by the likes of Massive attack, Roni size. Portishead, Smith and Mighty and generally bass heavy fusion music. I always loved hip hop, trip hop and Drum and bass, Dubstep Bristol is very well known for these genres and I picked it up from a young age and traveled a lot and ended up in Trinidad so some of my music has a West Indian influence a Caribbean pulse and has fused into what it is today.



Where are you base?

2)  I’m based all over, I travel and work so much I spend most of my time in Bristol and Brixton London and work out of the Dairy studios with my Awesome Engineer / producer Roy merchant.

I also go to France a lot to an apartment on the beach to wrote and get away for a few weeks / months. I love it there and have written and produced some of my best music alone there.


How would you describe your work to someone who hasn’t seen it before?


3) Jethro ALONESTAR Sheerans SOUND IS A ” hypnotic sound  darkly sensual and cinematic fusion of hip-hop / trip hop  rhythms, soulful melodies, dub grooves, and choice samples with global features from artist from all over the globe”



Who else it’s behind your brand?

4) Behind me is mainly Myself ” Alonestar” hence the name, I write and produce mostly alone and started it alone, I’ve worked so hard over the years and NOW have a small team that work alongside me, after most my music has been written I hit the studio with my music partner Roy Merchant and we put it all in Pro Tools we have a team of live instrument players and singers and get them in for sessions.



I also have Baby Kokos working on my PR; Lisa Screen is on my team with social media and dealing with fans, Radio etc. and a great management team.  I’m also very lucky to have an amazing lawyer Talya Shalsom at SGD law.



What or who has been the biggest singular influence on your work

5) My daughter and my anxiety. My daughter was taken from me to another country without consent when she was 3 years old and it broke me and I went into a huge depression for years and had terrible anxiety, I really had to question my mental health at the time.


You can hear this in my music at that time, my songs “Skyla Rain”, “Men In white coats” and “Dark Days” reflect my pain.


Which project have you enjoyed working on the most so far?

6) I’ve really loved working on all my ep’s , singles and my new album “Cornerstone” I’d say this album is my best work and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, it’s out for pre order now with 5 tracks instant download but its full release is on  my birthday –  January 24th 2016.

Who has been the most famous person you have work?


7) Id have to say my cousin ED SHEERAN we’ve released 8 songs together.


Ed sold more records than anyone on the planet last year and has broken so many records and recently sold out Wembley 90,000 people a night for 3 nights, it was amazing to watch after seeing him in my studio record.



Find more about Jethro :



Interview By Rebeca Riofrio – Ceo of Art in fusion TV

and for international media FABUK MEDIA & USA GLAM 

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