Chevalien – Immolation of a Water Drop (Video)

“The Immolation of a Water Drop” is the final episode of the season zero of his 2nd EP Sunderground.

Chevalien immolation of a water dropThis is the last puzzle piece enabling to understand his previous releases, starting with the EP Allrats (2014).

Hybrid, epic, telluric, possessed, to name a few words depicting CHEVALIEN’s music.

Through throbbing abyssal drums, Coliseum roars, para-religious mantras and guttural energy, CHEVALIEN delivers a surgically precise sound, where dark and deviant rap collides with ethereal and apocalyptic electronic music.

CHEVALIEN transcends the stage with raw spirit, lurid screams and a sprawling universe, akin to a hydra inclined towards self-beheading.

Video footage:

Coal-mining of Dunkerque area and Mount Loos-en-Gohelle (Nothern part of France), Quebec forest (Canada)


CHEVALIEN is a solo project, of a multi-instrumentalist, starting as a drummer. He is surrounded by two other musicians on stage.

He represents a symbiosis between metal, dark electronic, 2010s trap, and movie soundtracks.