CODE GEASS: lelouch of the rebellion i: initiation


Fast sell:

A gripping saga of betrayal, political upheaval and giant robots, Japan’s struggle for revolution returns, making “  : Lelouch of the Rebellion I: Initiation” the best place for fans and newcomers alike to experience a modern anime classic.Code Geass

Key talent:

Director: Noriaki Akitaniya (“Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring of Birth”)
Supervision: Gorō Taniguchi (“Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”, “Planetes”)
Series Composition: Ichiro Okouchi (“Azumanga Daioh”, “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”)
Original Character Designs: CLAMP (“Blood-C”, “Cardcaptor Sakura”)
Music: Kotaro Nakagawa (“Gosick”), Hitomi Kuroishi (“Last Exile”)
Production: Sunrise (“Cowboy Bebop”, “Mobile Suit Gundam”)

Jun Fukuyama (“Assassination Classroom”, “Durarara!!”)
Takahiro Sakurai (“Berserk”, “Fairy Tail”)
Yukana (“Dragon Ball Super”, “Full Metal Panic!”)
Ami Koshimizu (“DEVILMAN crybaby”, “Kill la KIll”)
Fumiko Orikasa (“Bleach”, “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood”)
Ken Narita (“Akame ga Kill”, “Tamako Market”)


Seven years have passed since the Holy Empire of Britannia occupied Japan, depriving its people of even their names and designating the country “Area 11”. Sent there in exile, Prince Lelouch of Britannia is caught amidst a struggle between Britannia’s forces and resistance fighters when he encounters C.C., a mysterious girl who bequeaths him the power to control anyone just once: “Geass”.

Realising the potential of this new gift, Lelouch declares that it’s finally time to bring down the empire that abandoned him and his sister. As the masked rebel “Zero”, Lelouch leads the “Black Knights” resistance against Britannia, whose ranks include his childhood friend Suzaku Kururugi. Now, the two former friends stand on opposite sides of a conflict that will change their lives forever.

We like it because:

A landmark anime of the 2000s, there’s a lot to love in every corner of “Code Geass”: the thrilling “Knightmare” mecha fights that call back to Sunrise’s “Gundam” heritage, the political chess of Lelouch’s rebellion and yes, even the forays into high school life. Lelouch’s story ignited the sparks of a young generation growing weary of the corruption of old, while Suzaku’s drive for justice from within provided a counterpoint that has left fans debating the two even now.
Few anime are as thematically diverse yet consistency engaging as “Code Geass”, so it’s no surprise that even over a decade later, it continues to be celebrated and eagerly recommended to genre newcomers.

Retelling the story’s opening acts with brand new scenes and completely re-recorded dialogue, “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I: Initiation” isn’t just the perfect entry point for a new generation of fans, but a fantastic big screen celebration of a series loved by many.

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