Interview  By Nelly Ajvasi

Nelly Ajvasi : What makes your wedding dresses so special?

Elif Köse : It’s handmade, touched by glamor and inspired by our brides! So they are all very

Model Name : Talia Oatway , J&I Photography

Nelly Ajvasi : Do you have dresses for any wedding style?

Elif Köse : We have few samples in our boutique to show to potential brides to be. We make each and every gown individually to suit the client’s specification. Each bride is special and has to have a unique personal touch.

Nelly Ajvasi : Is there a trend colour now except white?

Elif Köse : Ivory, powder or vintage cream seem to be quite popular colours.

Nelly Ajvasi : How do you know the perfect dress for the bride has been found?

Elif Köse : Ohh you just do when you see them in it! That you can’t describe with words. I am sure every bride will agree with me 🙂

Model Name Katie McClane J&I Photography

Nelly Ajvasi : What accessories do you offer?

Elif Köse : We offer head pieces, veils, and belts that will complete a gown.

Nelly Ajvasi I have heard that you want to sew Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress, will the end
result look the same or is it different?

Elif Köse : I was inspired by her dress to make a similar looking one which is in my window now. It is made with different techniques but it looks very similar. I like to show my potential clients that we can deliver any kind of dresses but also with our own unique style.

Nelly Ajvasi : How much do your wedding dresses cost?

Elif Köse : Cost of a wedding dress starts from £1200 and can go up to £8000 depending on the materials and the workmanship.

Nelly Ajvasi : Where do you get your inspiration to design a new wedding dress?

Elif Köse : Since I am a designer and could be working on up to 7 projects every week, my source of inspiration is constantly changing and evolving. For each project, the client and I create an inspiration board, and it helps if I wait around 1 week to even start sketching to allow the inspiration to sort of sink in. Sometimes I’ll infuse a source of inspiration from one project into the next and the outcome is so much more developed.