Emily & Anna Love Collection interview by FabUK TV

‘Love Collection’ which was created at Emily’s Fundraising Event in June 2019. Immediately after the show, the two Vietnamese British designers were interviewed by major media companies of England, American, Malta and Vietnam. The Vietnamese Ao Dai by Emily and Anna has been chosen to perform at the British Foreign Office, Whitehall, Westminster in the promotion of Vietnamese tourism culture in the UK.

The design combines the colours of the national flags of Vietnam and the United Kingdom, which are red, yellow, white and blue. The ‘Ao Dai’ designs are a combination of the traditional Vietnamese style and the British Royal style, through creativity, innovative and bold impressive ideas of teenagers and youngsters. The dresses featured images of the Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, the Big Ben clock, the red telephone and correlating images of Vietnam, with printed pagodas, bronze drums, golden sand and blue sea, village kites, waterfalls, conical hats and more. They have delivered the message of sharing love all over the world in all of their ‘Ao Dai’ collections introduced over time.

The collection of ‘Prince and Princess showing Love’ at the House of iKons Fashion Week in London 2020, has finished the night with the animation of the globe being brought to the stage, with the respect and affection for all amazing kid models. The meaning is everybody in the world are coming together in love, peace, affection and unity. Especially with a warm heart and a passionate flame of love, the two young fashion designers, Emily and Anna, kindly invited special needs kids model to perform onstage as honour models. Emily and Anna stated that these models they admire most.

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