About FabUK Magazine

FabUK Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle publication which is distributed in many of the leading fashionably trendy destinations all over the world.

The major countries for overseas distribution are UK, France, Turkey, Brazil, USA, and Russia, with an additional ten countries ordering specific pages impressions. As for demographics, 30% of FabUK readers are between the ages of 17-25.

Next, we have 45% of the age range of 25-35, which is the highest. Lastly, the remaining 25% falls in the category of ages 35-65. For online social media, The  Magazine reaches 34.4K followers on Twitter, 49.4k on Instagram and 124.7K Likes on Facebook totalling 209.4k people.

In addition to online distribution and London bookshops, Fab Uk is on-hand at most major events and fashion shows. Other than the obvious fashion and runway coverage, Our Magazine features international news and events directly from Cannes, the Venice Red Carpet Show, Istanbul Modest Fashion Show, the Egypt International Festival for Fashion and Tourism Show, the Indian Fashion Show, and the Japanese Hyper Show.

FabUK is well on its way to becoming a staple among the ‘big brand’ names.