– Rock Music Milkshake Mixer harnesses sound energy from a live guitar and amplifier to blend milkshakes –

      Inspired by the study of cymatics, the electric guitar-powered blender cleverly uses the science of sound waves to mix up tasty treats

  • Unique prototype has been created by The Big Bang Fair ( to mark registrations opening for the 2018 event and get more young people excited by STEM 
  • The Rock Music Milkshake Mixer (RM3) will be on display at The Big Bang Fair 2018 where guests will have the opportunity to pick up the axe and mix a milkshake for themselves

In the opening scene of Back To The Future, hero Marty McFly is physically thrown across a room by an epic sound wave from an enormous guitar amp. It’s a far-fetched moment, for sure, but not without a foot in reality. Invisible sound waves can have a very visible effect on the physical world and nowhere is this more spectacularly demonstrated than with the new Rock Music Milkshake Mixera unique electric-guitar powered blender that uses sound energy blasted from a speaker to vibrate milkshake and whip it into a delicious drink.

Bringing together the worlds of education, science, music and kitchenware in a way never seen before, The Rock Music Milkshake Mixer (or the RM3 for short) has been created to mark registrations opening for The Big Bang Fair 2018. The Big Bang Fair is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for young people in the UK. For more information visit

Beth Elgood, Director of Communications at EngineeringUK, who organise The Big Bang Fair, said: “Going into its tenth year in 2018 The Big Bang Fair continues to be a great source of STEM inspiration for young people, representing an amazing opportunity for young visitors, their teachers and parents to get hands-on with a wide range of activities, workshops and shows. With this in mind, we’re delighted to unveil the unique Rock Music Milkshake Mixer prototype today, which is sure to be another popular interactive exhibit at this year’s show.”

So how does the RM3 work? First pour powdered milkshake and milk into the jug and screw the top on tight. Next, plug in an axe (that’s a guitar), ready your plectrum and start playing some crunching riffs at max volume (ideally volume 11).

Now marvel as cymatics (that’s the visualisation of sound through a physical medium – in this case milkshake) allows you to witness the hard rock sound waves, emitted from the speaker, coming into contact with the milkshake mixture and vigorously vibrating it. Soon enough, you’ll have a deliciously thick drink, made entirely through the power of sound energy.

Year 7 students at Westminster Academy in London were the first to try the revolutionary new prototype earlier this week, where it was officially launched by The Blowfish, the world’s only heavy metal marine biologist.

The Blowfish commented: “Metal music and science are two of my biggest passions, so when I was offered the chance to launch the Rock Music Milkshake Mixer, it was an absolute no-brainer. I’m a big believer in finding new and innovative ways to get kids excited about science and the world around them. What better way of achieving that than by harnessing the epic power of rock music to make a tasty, delectable treat?

The RM3 will be on display, and free for guests to try out at The Big Bang Fair 2018, which is due to take place at the NEC in Birmingham in March next year. For more information visit Additional information about the RM3 can also be found at

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