The house of Radha | Paris fashion week

Radha Singh is a designer with a heart of gold, opening her mind and allowing all to indulge within her beautiful and passion filled garments. She was born in the North East of England and comes from an Indian Sikh background. Being brought up in a creative family, design is woven within her DNA. From her siblings being designers themselves and her mother and grandma both professional seamstresses she has been brought up around the art of Fashion and Design. Radha started her career by studying in business school. It is only when she got older, did she decide to go back into higher education and study for her degree in Fashion Design. She realised that this was the path that she was truly happy with, it was a passion that she couldn’t give up.

The House Of RADHA has a very prestigious history, while the label is still young and established one year ago she has showcased in London Fashion Week in February 2017 while also being nominated for Britain’s Top Designer award in Fashion’s Finest and showcased Alongside Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Collection in Portugal. Her most recent show was with OxfordFashionStudio, as part of Paris Fashion Week in September where her collection “Light Through the Darkness” was received to great acclaim by the international press and Fashion Industry.

Garments should be more than to clothe a body, it should become an experience for the wearer. The use fashion as an art form where the designer can express feelings of emotion that has a personal narrative attached to each piece. The designer tells us she is not trend driven, however each garment holds an essence of what her company The House Of RADHA is about. Customers are made to feel strong, empowered and part of a magical experience that only when you wear one of the hand crafted garments do you appreciate all the love that has gone into each piece. Her collections withhold meaning beyond the fabric, she incorporates aspects such as nature, architecture, cultures, music and their traditions. Music has a major part of her inspiration because it creates an atmosphere of feelings and emotions that help when coming up with ideas and designs.Using only the highest quality luxury fabrics that capture the beautiful textile surface prints that are all handcrafted by the Designer herself. The Fashion events even embody the essence of the Label by featuring Catwalk models from all ethnic backgrounds and cultures to make it a universal show and everyone being equal on the fashion runway. Special thanks goes to Danish Wakeel the exclusive Male Model from Karachi, Pakistan for his dedication to the Fashion and Music Label, but also closing the show in Paris Fashion Week for The House Of RADHA.

The new SS18 Couture Collection Light Through the Darkness has a very important message that goes well beyond the patterns and colours. It represents when an individual longs to disappear or feels like giving up, with her collection she wants to remind us there is always hope to help guide you through to the other side. This collection embodies this concept and it can be interpreted in many ways. However, Radha along with many others in this world witness what is happening with our society on a daily basis, how war and destruction clouds our skies and how as individuals we try and help rebuild what has been lost.It is safe to say that there are many exciting times ahead for The House Of RADHA.

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