British Turkish-Cyrpirot Actor Serhat Metin

Experienced and talented British actor, Serhat Metin, has played in a variety of thrill-seeking TV and movie roles. From HBO and Sky Atlantic’s crime drama TV series Gangs of London to featuring alongside Hollywood stars Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Matthew McConaughey in The Gentlemen and The Mummy. With upcoming movie features Hellkat, Original Gangster and Blackbird directed by Michael Flatley, Serhat is the new British actor to watch out for in 2021.

Serhat has special training and accreditations in Boxing, Sword and Shield, Hand to Hand Combat and Firearms. He has trained with the UK’s leading stunt and screen combat training school the British Action Academy run by Andreas Petrides, famously known for his work with Ridley Scott on Oscar-winning movie Gladiator.

Serhat played a pivotal role which highlighted the start of the drug war between Asif Afridi (Asif Raza Mir) and Lale (Narges Rashidi). In the episode set in Turkey, Lale’s soldiers RPG a truck containing cows filled with kilos of heroin driven by the Turkish truck driver (Serhat Metin).

The gory scene showed Lale’s soldiers steal the heroin from the cows’ guts, forcing the driver to continue his normal route or face his family being killed. In a later tense scene, Serhat’s character faced a gory death inside a bloody abattoir, at the mercy of gang leader and heroin drug lord, Asif.

“Working with film directors Gareth Evans and Corin Hardy was extraordinary. If you know anything about these two film directors, Gareth Evans being a big action director known for The Raid and Corin Hardy, a horror film director famous for The Nun, then you’ll understand what kind of TV series you’re going to get with Gangs of London; crime and gore galore” said Serhat Metin. Filming his first-ever death scene along with Asif Raza Mir was “an incredible experience” he added.

Serhat plans to move to LA to diversify the movie and TV industry with his versatility, background and experience. His passion, hard work and devotion to a career in acting is commendable. Serhat has shown interest in such movie titles: Creed III, Gladiator 2, Netflix The Witcher and the epic historical Turkish TV series Kuruluş: Osman.