A first-of-its-kind obstacle course for cars is set to launch later this month. The world first event, called Mud & Motors from leading breakdown provider Green Flag, will open to showcase the brand’s common sense approach to breakdown cover and highlight that Green Flag is the only provider to offer specialist equipment as standard.

Employing a series of carefully chosen challenges and obstacles, motorists will be tasked with navigating their way around a tricky mud-filled course using their quick-thinking and decision-making skills.

Rather than a reward for the fastest finisher, participants will be challenged to complete the course using their common sense – with points gained for making the most common sense decisions.

Love Island sensation, Chris Hughes will attend the event to put his common sense and motoring skills to the test. Lucky competition winners will have the chance to see if they can outwit Chris on the course and post a better score for the chance of winning £1,000.

If Chris or any other drivers get stuck in the mud they need not fear, as a Green Flag technician will be on site to get them back driving in no time!

As seen in the high octane preview video, Mud & Motors brings to life the importance of using common sense in everyday life – where new research from Green Flag reveals how highly Brits rate the trait.

Candace Gerlach, Head of Marketing & Communications at Green Flag, said: “Common sense decision making is part of everyday life – whether it’s bringing an umbrella with you if the weather forecast says it’s going to rain, turning off the lights when you leave a room or wearing trainers if you’ve got to walk a long distance.

“We thought it would be interesting to test drivers’ common sense with the launch of Mud & Motors – the world’s first motoring event where drivers have to use common sense to win points and prizes. It’s a bit of fun and hopefully demonstrates how much common sense decisions can work in your favour! At Green Flag, we offer specialist lifting equipment as part of our core service so if any of the cars get stuck in mud our technicians will be on hand to lift them out.

“We’ve built our roadside service around common sense, using a smart network of garages nationwide to offer the same customer service as our competitors, at half the price1.”

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