New Angela Morris-Winmill Collection

Growing up in the outback of Australia, Angela Morris-Winmill learned about the delicate relationship between humans and our natural environment from an early age. When water and food weren’t always a ready commodity, taking only what was needed and leaving zero waste was a lifetime policy which has continued to influence her work to this day since migrating to the UK.

Her latest abstract series is the direct result of her ongoing conservation work to clean up plastic waste from our shorelines. Found plastic bottles are ground down and transformed into a powder-like quality back in her studio, which she then combines with binding agents and rich coloured pigments inspired by marine life to create her own concoction of upcycled paint, and her resultant abstract compositions are formed.

These sensory, motion-filled paintings are created to draw the viewer into the story behind its canvas, challenging our understanding of the changing natural world around us and the impactful role that we play within it.

Fabuk Magazine