Romantic Comedy Little Italy | Starring Hayden Christensen & Emma Roberts

Little italyThe Movie Partnership is delighted to announce that the romantic feel-good comedy, Little Italy, starring Emma Roberts (Wild Child, We’re The Millers, Scream Queens) and Hayden Christensen (Star Wars, Awake, Jump) will be released on UK digital download platforms from 11th March
Former best friends Sal and Vince run rival pizzerias in Little Italy, spending their days plotting against each other’s restaurant. But when love blossoms between Sal’s daughter Nikki (Emma Roberts) and Vince’s son Leo (Hayden Christensen), they must hide their romance from their oblivious fathers’ eyes.
When news of Nikki and Leo’s relationship slips out into the open, Sal and Vince reach boiling point. These cobblestoned piazzas ain’t big enough for two legendary pizzerias, so a wager is declared: the two restaurants will compete in a high stakes pizza cookout, where the loser must leave Little Italy for good. As tempers rage hotter than a wood-fired pizza oven, will Nikki and Leo’s love become the victim or victor in this ridiculously epic food fight?