Watch the epic video for ‘Rebuild This Land’ by PachYa

Polish artist PachYa and her German producer Norman Gratopp are launching their multi-lingual rallying cry to bring Europe closer together. The doom and gloom of daily news reports may make some fear that the days of Cold Wars and Iron Curtains are returning but PachYa’s heart-warmingly upbeat Euro-pop, sung in English, Polish and Italian is just the thing to remind you that it’s never too late to turn the corner and that ultimately, we’re all united by our love of the same things. Douze points to PachYa!

Having spent ten years living in England since 2008, Pachya was settled with a child and was surrounded by friends she had made within the UK. When the referendum signalled the plan to leave the European Union, it was as if attitudes had changed over-night. Already finding life difficult in the midst of a divorce, the decision to leave the E.U. was really hard to take –

“With all the negative press surrounding immigrants in the UK, I started to feel that I was being treated differently: like I was being treated like an outsider. This is something that my Polish friends have all said, since the Brexit vote, we have all felt quite unwelcome in the UK.

I knew I had to go back to Poland and start again. Above all else, I needed to protect my baby and I was really not sure what life after Brexit would be like for her, how we would be treated. My baby is also a UK citizen, so I’m now really concerned about what’s going to happen with her. The whole thing is very hard for me to take. This is what first inspired me to write ‘Rebuild This Land’”

‘Rebuild this Land’ is a track which reflects on the time spent within the UK and the changing perception of some people to communities from across the globe living alongside them. Sung in Italian, Polish and English Language, it reinforces the need to rebuild bridges and to concentrate on what binds us together as people, not what divides us.