FLORENCE, MILAN, PARIS, NEW YORK……. Duccio Venturi Bottier enchants with his colored rainbow

By Gabriella Chiarappa

Fantastic Fashion in Florence, Milan, New York, Paris…….is like wonderful containers from which come out, like from the cylinder of a magician, the more real and more new talents, like the shoes by a real artist of made in Italy: Duccio Venturi Bottier.

Research, craftsmanship, excellence.. is in the creativity that Duccio Venturi has always believed and searched; born into a family of shoe entrepreneurs after a path of intense collaborations with the Italian and foreign most famous fashion houses and haute couture as Cadette, Franco Moschino, ThierryMugler and Sergio Rossi, he creates its own brand, Duccio Venturi Bottier, joining in a synergistic union with his daughter Aliai.

Duccio Venturi Bottierhasperfectlyunderstoodthatif the dress can be low cost, or less showy, are shoes the true fashion accessory, the woman who regains her femininity, “back on heels” and reappears as the object of desire that since the Middle Ageshasalwaysbeen.

Without the emotion, no lives the garment, no trend isreal, desirable, glamorous, contagious … and so the Duccio Venturi shoes, made by Italian artisans, “masters” in the construction of the shoes, heels, uppers, leather, all of very high quality, for a woman who follows the fashion evolution.

Duccio enters in the fashion victims’ world with his feline step and bold, continuing to seek out the new and the beautiful, emphasizing details that make immediately trend making the brand an icon: a catwalk of shoes by the unexpectedly vibrant and bon ton colors.

The beauty, the femininity, the seduction are exasperated by the lively colors, a fashion that becomes indispensable for any woman who does not give up to show off, with vanity, the shoes signed Duccio Venturi Bottier!

Photo: Edoardo Tranchese


Danish Wakeel’s GIANNI VERSACE themed birthday bash

British Pakistani model,actor and Mr. Commonwealth 2015 Danish Wakeel recently hosted a ‘Gianni Versace- black and gold’ themed birthday bash to celebrate his 28th birthday at his family mansion in Karachi, Pakistan. The glitzy and decorative party included a guest list of high profile celebrities, international editors, journalists, top models, Miss Pakistan USA , Pakistani film and TV stars, businessmen, bankers and artists. Amidst Italian music spinning in different rooms, a lavish decor of Versace catwalks, photo-shoots from the 80’s until now were spread across the villa. Versace aficionado Danish’s personal collection of the late designer’s footwear,, apparel and accessories were also generously exhibited in well placed spots across the manor. The buffet cuisine was an amalgamation of home-made mouth-watering Italian and Pakistani dishes end-noted with. exotic-flavoured sheesha and cocktails served at the outdoor swimming pool space.