Viral 13 year old singer, Tryzdin releases stunning new video with Saint Mars; shows off his vocal talents!

13-year-old Tryzdin Grubbs has a voice far beyond his years. He is a super talent; he has a tone which would make you believe he was an already established star in his mid twenties. He has real understanding of how to convey emotion in his voice and controls every not effortlessly.


When he was given the chance to work with Saint Mars (Massive Attack guitarist Angelo Bruschini and fellow experienced musician Marc Darcange) who saw an early video of  Tryzdin singing Hello by Adele which went viral (over 3.4 million views he jumped at the chance!

“Ocean Blues” addresses the sensitive topic of bullying and vulnerability of childhood, in the form of a young boy harassed by dark shadows. Tryzdin Grubbs himself previously underwent sustained bullying, so this track is very personal to him.