Whinnie WIlliams ‘ What About Me ‘

“Sweet, sassy, 60s tinged pop.” “We’d happily listen to her all day.”


Following on from her recent releases “Too Strong” and “Real Damn Bad”, cult pop icon Whinnie Williams blazes back into the public realm with her new satin-sleek, gorgeous release “ What About Me .” With critical acclaim already from the likes of NOISEY, WONDERLAND and NYLON all jumping onto an enviably talented artist they labelled as one of the most exciting emerging pop voices of the year, Whinnie is a bonafide star waiting to burn.

What About Me
With her sparkling, silken pop sound bringing comparisons to artists from Blood Orange to Prince, Whinnie exudes an effortless glamour and vocal talent that’s simply too strong to ignore.

Her new release “ What About Me ” continues to cement her status as a bonafide, modern-day muse and gives an exciting taste of her new album – pencilled in for 2018 and produced by Future Cut (Lily Allen, Rihanna). Setting the tone for the kind of high pop drama that’s so sorely missing from the scene right now, Whinnie combines heartfelt lyricism with deliciously luxuriant melodies and remains a phenomenon at your peril; Whinnie Williams is set to be nothing but an international star.

Whinnie: “I was going through a phase where I felt like I was helping a lot of people but wasn’t getting the same back, so I was In the studio with Will Vaughan from Crystal Bats and we were working on a song and I just sang out the line “ What About Me !!” I wanted to tap into the Crystal Bats sound with my RnB melodies and I love the combination!”

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