London Film and Fashion Festival 2016


London – The 2016 London Film and Fashion Festival has just finished. This first annual festival, with attendees from all over the world, was created to deliver a celebration of all aspects of fashion film culture. The festival was well attended, and included a variety of screenings of films related to fashion and fashion culture.

The program for this third year contained some groundbreaking work, and cutting edge pieces that really pushed the envelope both artistically and in regards to fashion styles and tones. During the festival, 55 individual films were shown to the audiences.

The festival had a cosmopolitan feel, with attendees from the United States of America, as well as other countries such as Canada, Spain and Germany. This meant that there was a truly international feel, alongside the packed cinema containing beautiful people in the latest fashionable attire.

We had many guests and celebrities such as Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, GKreid, Monika Adamin, Rebecca Choo , Also many press involved to cover the event , such as OK! Online,, Fashion Studio Magazine, FabUK magazine, weekendmagazine.

We had an amazing filmmaker panel discussing fashion film and the makings of a fashion film , budget making , and so on . Our super fashion filmmakers (IndraniPal_chaudhuri, GKreid, MalorieShmyr and IkerIturriagave insight to what is to be a fashion filmmaker.

The Director of the festival, Beatrice Blom, was very proud of what had been achieved. ‘The films exceeded our expectations and we were incredibly proud to be able to screen them at the festival. We started this project with the aim of the advancement of fashion through film, and we feel that we have met our objectives in providing a new and exciting platform for fashion designers and students, as well as the general public. Everyone has a chance to watch and participate in what we believe will become the most influential fashion festival in the world’, said MsBlom.



London Fashion Film Festival 2016 result :

Best Fashion Documentary

Nominees were:

1, Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion
2, Revealing Marie Saint Pierre
3, Bangaologia

And the winner is Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion, directed by Ben Akers


Best Fashion Film

 Nominees were:

1,The Neeta Lulla Bride
2, Podrugadruga
4, The Revolution

And the winner is The Revolution by NicoKreis

Best Advertisement

Nominees were:

1, Surreal
2, Primavera
3, These Four Walls
4, Ascent
5, Beautifully Delinquent

 And the winner is These four walls, directed by Rankin


Best Director

Nominees were:

1, Till Human Voices Wake Us
2, Embrace Life
3, Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion

And the winner is Till Human Voices Wake Us, directed by Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Best Story

Nominees were:

1, Richest Black
2, This is your time
3, Susanna
4, Love lab

And the winner is Susanna, directed by Michel Jaumin

Best Cinematography

Nominees were:

1,Sickly Sweet Suburbia
2,This is your time
3,breaking rules
4, Blossom | Oscar Carvallo Couture 2016

And the winner is This is your time, directed by Nick Tree

Best Actor/ Model

Nominees were:

1, The good Italian II “The Prince goes to Milan”
2, Ruby Flip
3, In and out of control
4,Pink Purse
5,Till Human Voices Wake Us

And the winner is the good Italian II “The Prince goes to Milan”, directed by Emanuele Di Bacco

Best Visual Effects and Special Effects

Nominees were:

    2. Efímera
And the winner is EFIMERA , directed by PacoPeregrín

Best Music

Nominees were:

1,Coco morocco
2, ICELAND, Imperial FW 2015
3, Surreal
4, Valentino SS16

And the winner is Coco Morroco by Nil Hoppenot

Best Editing

Nominees were:

1,Richest Black
2,Point of View
3,Sophie : A Story Of Discovery
4,This is your time

And the winner is This is your time, directed by Nick Tree

Best Accessory Design

Nominees were:

2, Richest Black
3, Susanna
4, How to make the perfect tea party (for dolls)

And the winner is MYTH, directed by MANFRE & IKER ITURRIA

Best Costume Design

Nominees were:

2, How to make the perfect tea party (for dolls)
3, The Neeta Lulla Bride

And the winner is The Neeta Lulla Bride, directed by Sunny Bhambhani

Best Make up and Hairstyle

Nominees were:

1, Muk Bang
2, Richest Black
3, “Fairy Fight”
4, Till Human Voices Wake Us

And the winner is Muk Bang, directed by TarikMalak& Timothy Douglas (Tn’T)

Best Major Brand Production

Nominees were:

2, Marc Cain Bags & Shoes
3, The Good Italian II “The Prince goes to Milan”
4, Efímera

And the winner is Marc Cain Bags & Shoes, directed by Sandra Jakisch

Best Student Fashion Film

Nominees were:

1,coco morocco
2, Sickly Sweet Suburbia
3,Love lab
4, the revelation

Ant the winner is Sickly Sweet Suburbia, directed by Anna Ling


The team behind the festival feels that next year’s event will be even bigger and more successful. To find out more about the festival and how to get involved, contact the organisers at the email address: [email protected]     The website for the festival:


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Angel Chen showed their SS17 collection as part of London Fashion Week

by : Rebeca Riofrio

Angel Chen showed their SS17 collection as part of London Fashion Week on Friday 16th at 18.30.

Angel Chen 1


Inspired by the ancient book ‘Shan Hai Jing’, a historic text depicting various stories of monsters from land and sea, Angel Chen SS17 rests on the borders of Chinese heritage and craft innovation. With direct references of the stories themselves, pieces feature iconic symbols, characters and ceremonial embellishment as well as original illustrated embroidery by Angel herself – which has now become a signature of the studio.

However, driven further than ever before, experimentation with a selection of boundary-pushing fabrics and new techniques like dissolvable embroidery fillings has resulted in lighter garments with an even more outstanding level of detail.

These methods, combined with the addition of multifunctional pieces that can be worn dozens of different ways, takes the principle of unisex to a new level. With garments able to transform for both sexes and occasions, ancient culture is blended seamlessly into the now.

Angel Chen 2

A bold combination of both past and present; soft pinks, cream, pastel greens and inky denim sit alongside iconic blood red – framed with delicately transparent silver to harmoniously marry the two.

SS17 includes Chinese denim, real silver and gold thread embroidery as well as a newly developed ‘Silk Acetate’ from Japan. A plastic raffia, cotton yarn and treated cotton woven fabric is the star of the season – exclusively produced for Angel Chen in France.

Angel Chen 3


Angel Chen is a unisex fashion label with a multilayered aesthetic, enthusiastically described as ‘Chinese Punk’ by the press. Having trained at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London, Angel was named as one of the “Top 5 graduate designers of the year” by i-D magazine, before going on to work for houses Marchesa and Vera Wang.

Now based in Shanghai, Angel Chen shows collections in London, Paris and across Asia – boasting stockists like Urban Outfitters, H. Lorenzo and Lane Crawford as well as a Forbes ’30 under 30’ title in 2016.