Julia Roberts wins National Smile Month’s best smile

Cannes, France – Julia Roberts attends the ‘Money Monster’ premiere during the Cannes Film Festival

By: Cem Kaplan


Pretty Woman Has a Winning Smile
Top 10 Male and Female Smiles
Ryan Gosling loses out to Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage

To celebrate National Smile Month, White Glo can reveal that the best celebrity smile goes to Hollywood beauty Julia Roberts. The age defying actress set the standards with her trademark pearly whites, with Brits voting this pretty woman as having the perfect smile.
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, managed to scoop second place with her super sweet smile, followed by “Our Girl” actress Michelle Keegan. Following closely behind, former First Lady Michelle Obama, ranked fourth ahead of Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Jennifer Hudson and in a surprising turn of events Theresa May scraped in to tenth place.

In a poll where famous faces from across the pond usually triumph, having two British names in the top three best smiles is a resounding victory. However, Hollywood heartthrobs have not been excluded and Zac Efron’s dazzling white smile has secured him first place in the male category.  The Baywatch star fought off competition from Brad Pitt and Idris Elba who slid in to second and third places retrospectively.

Further famous Brits ranked in the top male smile category, with Hugh Grant taking fourth place, followed by Nigel Farage who sped ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Jeremy Corbyn, Simon Cowell, Jay-Z and surprisingly only just making it to tenth place, Ryan Gosling.

Dr Georgios Sotiropoulos, White Glo’s dental expert explains why we rank celebrity smiles so highly. “When we see photos of celebrities flashing their white smiles, they come across as beautiful and confident, with much of this confidence contributing towards their success. Even simple improvements can be incorporated in to daily routines to ensure a confident smile.”
Dr Sotiropoulos continues with his top tips to achieving a sparkling celebrity smile at home, to rival this year’s winners. “It is possible to drastically improve the colour of your teeth with at home whitening kits, which can give professional results quickly and remove staining caused by food and drink. Choosing the right toothpaste is essential so I recommend opting for one which is fluoride enriched and formulated specifically for whitening.”
White Glo are encouraging Brits to celebrate National Smile Month and to put their stunning smiles on display this summer.

Top Female Celebrity Smiles: Top Male Celebrity Smiles: Top Smiles Overall:
Julia Roberts Zac Efron Julia Roberts
Kate Middleton Brad Pitt Kate Middleton
Michelle Keegan Idris Elba Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama Hugh Grant Beyoncé
Beyoncé Nigel Farage Emma Watson
Emma Watson Lewis Hamilton Zac Efron
Angelina Jolie Jeremy Corbyn Brad Pitt
Megan Fox Simon Cowell Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Hudson Jay-Z Idris Elba
Theresa May Ryan Gosling Hugh Grant
Nigel Farage
Megan Fox
Lewis Hamilton
Jeremy Corbyn
Simon Cowell
Jennifer Hudson
Ryan Gosling
Theresa May

Research was conducted with 2,000 UK Adults via and online consumer panel Vital Statistics between 18th and 22rd May 2017.

White Glo was first established in Australia in 1993 and was the first company to introduce teeth whitening products to the Australian market. White Glo is one of the market leaders in Australia’s whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening industries. White Glo products are now sold in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Middle East, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Greece, Philippines and Cambodia.
You can find out more about looking after your teeth at www.whiteglo.com

Are you entitled to take action against your neighbour’s noisy animals?

Cat and dogs are paw-istively awesome but what does the law have to say about our precious pets

The battle between cats and dogs is an age old one, but which pet wins when it comes to the legal rights for pet owners and those who are fed up with other people’s nuisance pets? Are you entitled to take action against your neighbour’s noisy animals? And do pet owners have a legal responsibility to clean up after their cat or dog?

Leading legal expenses insurer DAS has asked the solicitors who give legal advice to policyholders under their legal expenses insurance policies to tackle the subject. Sarah Garner, solicitor from DAS Law, tells you what you need to know.

Is it a legal requirement for a dog to wear a collar on walks?
In short, the answer is ‘yes’. The Control of Dogs Order 1992, states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with a tag with the name and address of the owner engraved or written on it.

Certain dogs are exempt from having to wear a collar with a tag; these include registered Guide Dogs, emergency rescue dogs and dogs that are part of the Armed Forces, HM Customs and Excise or the Police.

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 it is considered a criminal offence for a dog to be on a public road without being on a lead. You can be fined £200 for such an offence.

If a dog bites someone or another dog, can the owner be sued or be forced to put their dog to sleep?
Dog owners have a duty of care to ensure that their animal is kept under control.  If it can be argued that as a result of a dog being out of control it has caused an injury to you or another dog, the owner can face civil action as a result of the injury to the person or damage to the dog.
If a dog is known to bite others, or act in a particular way when startled, an owner will have a duty to ensure that these acts are avoided. A dog can even be deemed to be out of control whilst it remains on the lead. As well as civil action, if the matter is referred to the Magistrates Court and they determine that the dog was dangerously out of control they can make a destruction order for the dog to be put down.

I can’t enjoy my garden this summer because of the neighbour’s dog, is there anything I can do?
It may be possible to argue that your neighbour’s dog may amount to a nuisance if it is producing excessive noise, or if your neighbour fails to properly clean up after their dog creating noxious smells or attracting an excessive amount of flies. However, whilst all of the above may be an annoyance, it needs to constitute a substantial interference with your ability to enjoy your property for it to constitute a nuisance.

What are the rights around a neighbour’s cat coming and going from your garden?
Cats do not face roaming restrictions. Legislation surrounding the trespass of domestic animals is dealt with in the Animals Act 1971. The Act doesn’t apply to cats and so therefore a cat cannot illegally trespass onto a neighbour’s property. It is often expressed that a cat will have the ‘right to roam’. In most cases a cat owner will not be responsible for where a cat goes.

Can you be prosecuted if you don’t clear up faeces in your garden? If it is your neighbour’s cat can they be held responsible for clearing it up?

The law of nuisance deals with situations affecting the use and enjoyment of property. The law recognises that a cat is a free roaming animal so it would be difficult to hold the owner responsible for clearing up any faeces, in general circumstances. However if it amounts to a substantial interference with the use and enjoyment of land it may become a nuisance issue. If it becomes an excessive problem the local authority again may offer assistance.


Is it illegal to use sprays or deterrents to keep cats out of your garden? 

There is a risk to any person who uses sprays or deterrents to keep animals out of their garden. If the spray or deterrent causes harm or unnecessary suffering to a cat there is risk of being held liable for a criminal offence against animal welfare for which you may be prosecuted.

It is advisable to give serious consideration to the use of any potential spray or deterrent and to ensure they are being sold legally and that they won’t cause any harm or suffering to a cat.

Cristina Buccino “I’M A PERSON That is NOT wears THE MASK”

Cristina with her Mediterranean beauty has made in love Claudio D’Alessio, the son of  the italian singer Gigi D’Alessio, and last summer the national football player Ronaldo, actually she is single.

Famous showgirl actually she works for the Italian TV, Cristina Buccino is the undisputed queen of socials with over 1 Million and 500,000 followers on Facebook and 1 Million and 400,000 on Instagram not to count the amount of open channels of her fans clubs.

A phenomenon not only television but also virtual, not only by fans but also by clothing companies that make a race to make her selfie posted on her social networks.


BY: Jordi Casals

Pamela Anderson, or under “Sun”, this true woman!!! Who has always been destined to be “LA SAUVEGARDE” (Fr: One who safeguards)!!! From the beaches of Malibu on TV, to her ground work today! In a very real world! She is working for the protection of humanity & the planet! She is a “Guardian Angel” in every sense of the term, and on every level.
She possesses this divine essence, this positive aura, full of “Grace”, that illuminates and enhances everything that surrounds her. “Her cause is noble and just”. We must work alongside her; her fight is ours! Let us work for a better world, to save the seas and the planet!


Pamela Anderson appeared at Casino Barrière Sainte-Maxime just like a fairy; from the moment she stepped out of her car, a modern day carriage, until the moment she made her departure, she brightened up the evening byher Divine Grace, within the sumptuous decor of the Casino Barrière’s private rooms.

The ambiance created by themauve-amethyst-colouredlighting contributed to creatinga first-class atmospherefor the evening, brilliantly orchestrated bythe premises’ dynamic Manager, Mr. Olivier Bader.

The Pamela Anderson Foundation, a champion for the causes of animal and environmental rights, and the Casino Barrière- in its commitment to sustainable development, and its supportofl’observatoire des fondsmarins du Golf de Saint Tropez (Fr: the seabed observatory for the Gulf of Saint Tropez)-were brought together for this gala evening with the common objective of “Protecting the seabed”.

The hearty and sophisticated dinner, specially prepared by “Le Chef du Majestic à Cannes” (Fr: the Chef of Hotel Barrière Le Majestic, Cannes), was entirely vegetarian in tribute to Pamela Anderson. The 70 sponsors who participated in this veryintimate evening, enjoyed an event which was bothintense and magical, aided by the coming-together of a team of professionals, including those from the restaurant, the host “Bruno Robles”, and the director “Olivier Bader “. The “Pamela Anderson Foundation” dinner gala held on March 11th, a full moon day, will be forever etched in the history of SAINTE MAXIME!!!


Photos :
Studio Charrier
Sainte Maxime
Jordi Casals
Bruno Bebert
Visual Official Casino Barriere Sainte Maxime


THE HERO PROJECT® – an exciting new British beauty concept that mobilizes people power and great science, on a mission to rid your bulging drawers of beauty clutter and replace it with the best beauty products you truly love, has its eyes on your paws with its latest offering.
Hand Rehab® Diamond Dusted Hand & Nail Therapy with SPF 20 (75ml, £15) helps you wave goodbye to forsaken, sorry-forthemselves hands, with a dazzling sprinkle of diamond dust. This precious ingredient, which has made its welcome way from the jeweller’s window, is incorporated into a rich cream formula that strengthens your all important hands and nails.
Extravagant? Maybe. But if you need real protection, you can’t beat a touch of the hardest substance known to man. And talking of protection, Hand Rehab® also features broad spectrum SPF 20 to keep the sun at bay and protect your precious paws from tell-tale sun damage.
It’s not just the sparkly stuff that makes Hand Rehab® a dazzling handbag ‘must have’ – it’s also packed with nourishing aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to soften and soothe your skin leaving it beautifully silky, smooth and protected. The luscious formula is delicately fragranced and has no greasy after-feel – for smart, everyday use.
Use morning and night, or whenever skin feels dry. Simply massage into hands from fingertips to wrists and don’t forget those allimportant nails and cuticles, too.
So give a big hand (or a even small delicate one) to THE HERO PROJECT for delivering yet another handbag beauty superhero.

Over half of young Brits have experienced controlling behaviour in relationships

By: Cem Kaplan

  • Nearly 56% of young adults have experienced coercive control from a partner, according to Define the Line, a new research study by Avon in partnership with domestic violence charity Refuge.
  • A third (32%) said that how a controlling partner had treated them prevented them living their life, and 2 in 5 (39%) think these types of behaviours are not talked about enough.
  • 84% of girls think people experiencing this feel it is their fault, compared to 65% of boys.
  • 39% of 16-to-21 year old girls think controlling behaviours in relationships has become normalised because of the amount of abuse they see in society and media.
  • The research is launched in conjunction with the Avon Foundation for Women’s largest single donation, just under £2 million globally, for female victims of gender based violence.


Define the Line, a new research study released by Avon, in partnership with national domestic violence charity Refuge, reveals the changing face of non-physical violence amongst young people and reveals the confusion in understanding the difference between caring and controlling behaviour.

Nearly 56 per cent of young people said they have experienced controlling behaviours from a partner and over a quarter said they know a friend or acquaintance who has been a victim of an emotionally abusive relationship, according to the study.

The research also shows worrying figures about controlling behaviours becoming normalised in society with 40 per cent of young women (16-to-21 year old) relating this to the amount of abuse they witness in the society –nearly eight per cent of young women haven’t had any exposure to healthy relationship based on equality and respect.

The impact of coercive control in relationships is often severe with long-term implications; nearly 49 per cent of young adults said these behaviours made them feel intimidated, humiliated and even worthless, with girls  significantly more impacted (63 per cent) than boys (34 per cent). Some 44 per cent of girls and 23 per cent of boys even confessed that the experience changed the way they behaved.

The problem often lies in communication with four in 10 young people saying that the controlling behaviours are not talked about enough and over a third admitting that they would not know where or who to turn to for support if they were experiencing the issue.

Half of young people also fail to spot the signs of controlling behaviours – out of those who had experienced abuse, 84 per cent of girls and 65 per cent of boys wrongfully blamed the person experiencing the behaviour for the abusive they received.

With over half of young adults predominately learning about positive relationships from their friends and parents, there is clearly a need to better educate young people on the difference between caring and controlling actions. As part of the ongoing campaign, Avon will be making a commitment in the UK to raise wide scale awareness of non-physical violence in relationships amongst young people which includes tapping into their 6 million representatives to speak out to empower women and girls in a bid to tackle the issue.

The Define the Line study was launched in conjunction with the announcement of the Avon Foundation for Women’s largest single donation, nearly £2million globally, for female victims of gender based violence, with an event at London’s Somerset House to also mark their inaugural partnership with International Women’s Day.

This marks the next chapter in Avon’s commitment to ending domestic violence and supporting survivors globally on International Women’s Day as part of the movement’s #BeBoldForChange campaign.

In the UK, the Avon Foundation for Women will be donating £250,000 to Refuge for front line services – the largest singular corporate donation the charity has ever received.

The Middle East eyes the luxury shopping tourism crown

By: Cem Kaplan

Why malls in the Middle East are set to capitalise on this new wave of global shopping tourism

Watch the following video to see how one of the leading player’s in the world of beauty, fashion and gifts, The Chalhoub Group, is helping to lead this retail evolution for luxury shopping tourism globally.

London may have recently been named as the world capital for luxury store openings in 2016, but when it comes to a place that is vying to be the ultimate destination for luxury shopping tourism, the Middle East is set to take this crown.

Despite cities such as Paris, London and New York, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established itself as luxury shopping paradise with more than 50 shopping mega malls, regular shopping festivals, and leading designer goods, available tax-free.

And thanks to the latest tourism figures, with Dubai alone pulling in 14.9 million visitors in 2016 and Dubai International Airport still being the world’s busiest airport, with expectations of traffic at over 89 million in 2017, this surge of travellers in the region is cementing its appeal as a luxury shopping haven.

And other destinations are also rising up the ranks. In Abu Dhabi – the capital of the UAE – guest stays were up by 8% in 2016, with over 4.4 million tourists clocking up a staggering 12 million guest nights, with the UK ranking number one in terms of the amount of tourists visiting from Europe. This increase in foreign tourists represents a new record for the capital of the UAE.

And when it comes to retailers, it seems the market is also booming. The UAE, is perceived as a key long-term entry market for companies, with many entering the market or expanding their stores in the region, resulting in more intensified competition on the international global shopping stage.

Modanisa Modest Fashion Week held in London

Leading figures of the modest fashion world come together in London at “London Modest Fashion Week (LMFW)” that will be held under the sponsorship of Modanisa. Modanisa Modest Fashion Week is organized to introduce the modest fashion to the world, give direction to the modest clothing trends and bring together important names of the industry.

The event, also, aims at being the world’s most prestigious modest fashion event. Following the great success of Istanbul Modest Fashion Week in 2016, London Modest Fashion Week, held under the main sponsorship of Modanisa, brings together the well-known designers, the leading figures of the fashion world and idols all around the world at Olympia in London on April 15-16, 2017. The event will start with Fashion High Tea at the Ritz London and London Fashion Tour on April 14.

The guests will witness perfect moments while watching the short film ‘Just Like You’ shot by Samah Safi under the sponsorship of Modanisa, and the Modanisa Fashion Show on April 15. Muslim fashion designers from more than 20 countries – most notably from Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE and the USA, will present the latest trends of the modest fashion world on these two days, and pave the way for new collaborations in the future. The event promises a perfect weekend full of nice talk shows where the famous women of the modest fashion world will discuss such topics as ‘Inspiring Muslim Women,’ ‘What It Takes to Be a Global Brand’ and ‘Modest Fashion Trends of the Globe.’ Somalian – American famous model Halima Aden will also step onto the runway for Modanisa Fashion Show and get together with fashion lovers. The tickets of the fashion shows have already sold out! Held under the supervision of Think Fashion includes special fashion shows and talk shows.

The guests also can be able to participate in the events at London Muslim Lifestyle Show. The final countdown to Modanisa London Modest Fashion Week starts!

Thousands of People taken to the streets of London to request for Brexit are reversed.

Thousands of People taken to the streets of London to request  for Brexit are  reversed.
The protest is being held days before Prime Minister Theresa May is relied upon to trigger Article 50, which will formally begin the procedure of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.It additionally concurs with the 60th anniversary of the signing of  the Treaty of Rome, which set up the European Economic Community.


Turkish fashion takes inspiration, meet at Pure London


Turkish fashion takes inspiration from the country’s east meets west culture to create unique designs that can bring a point of difference to your collection. Young designers are thriving through the Istanbul Moda Academy which has the London College of Fashion as its partner. Together their energy is being translated into the beautiful brands you will meet at Pure London.