Chai & Cake and Jewellery

I saw two quintessential Indian pastimes, chai & cake unite in celebration for the UK Indian year of culture. Amrapali’s London boutique provided the setting, highly renowned baker Fiona Cairns welcomed guests with mouth-watering homemade cakes and dulcet tones of the traditional sitar and tabla instruments provided an authentic ambiance.

Amrapali’s new high jewelry collection was showcased amongst the delicious creations of Fiona Cairns, who is recognized for producing cakes for the British royal family.


Tarang Aror, a Fiona Cairns Cem Kaplan, Warren Menezes, Georgina Haszlakiewicz, Sue Commins, Tara Patel

The Average Woman Does Not Use 60% of Her Closet- Is It Time to Join the Resale Revolution?

• 3 in 10 millennials have shopped second-hand in the last year
• The average woman owns at least £2,400 worth of unused clothes
• Using resale websites exclusively for one year could save you £1,652
• 50% of millennials would consider the resale value before they purchase an item.
• The rise of minimalism: women bought on average 37 items in 2016, compared to 51 in

In the face of economic austerity, more and more women are looking to fashion to empower them
financially. There has been a rise in ‘closet entrepreneurs’, or women who have joined the resale
revolution and are selling their pre-loved clothes online. Research by online marketplace, who has compiled data taken from fashion resale websites, google trends and retail
reports, has revealed that there is certainly money to be made.

The average woman has at least £2,400 worth of clothes that hang in her wardrobe untouched.
With some resale websites suggesting that women have as many as 19 items ready to sell at any
one time. The industry as a whole has an estimated worth of £14 billion, and is expected to reach
£25.6 billion by 2021.

But it is not just finance that is persuading women to buy less and sell more. Trends in fashion are
also leaning towards minimalism. Studies show that women bought on average 37 items in 2016,
compared to 51 in 1996. The increasing interest in minimalism and capsule wardrobes (which
garners 60,500 google searches a month) demonstrates the desire to cut back on clothing
splurges and curate the perfect closet. Lifestyle and fashion vloggers have even addressed the
topic, with around 203,000 YouTube videos dedicated to the subject.

A rise in peer-to-peer marketplaces online would suggest that we are taking to the internet to
offload our old outfits. 49% of the resale market is taken up by clothing, accessories and

A study by clothing resale website thredUP revealed that if you shopped second-hand
exclusively for one year, you could save a staggering £1,652. Add this to the £2,400 worth of
saleable clothes you have in your wardrobe and you could end up with a beautifully minimal and
carefully chosen closet, as well as £4,000 in the bank.

However, becoming a successful closet entrepreneur takes a little insider know-how, with
importance placed on understanding demand. Poshmark, a mobile marketplace for fashion, has
suggested that the most popular brands for reselling are:

• Nike
• Lululemon
• Michael Kors
• Kate Spade
• J.Crew
• Tory Burch

But the rise in reselling couldn’t exist without a simultaneous increase in second-hand shoppers.
30% of millennials have shopped second-hand in the past 12 months, and 21% say they intend to. The fact that many of the most popular brands on resale websites lie firmly in the
luxury clothing sector reveals a lot about who these second-hand shoppers are. Research reveals
that 2017 has seen an increase in so-called ‘high-income thrifters’, who are 35% more likely
to try used clothing websites than low-income shoppers.

With this sort of user base, it’s time to upload your unwanted wardrobe pieces. But make sure
you do not price yourself out, as 88% of second-hand shoppers admit they do so ‘for the thrill of
the bargain’.

Tips for reselling clothes and accessories online:

• Offer discounts: 94% of women say they rarely buy clothing that’s not on sale
• Make sure you take nice photos: take photos with you in the clothes so a buyer can get
a feel for what they will look like on them
• Get social: 39% of consumers said that social networks provide their main inspiration
for purchases, so make sure you are up-to-date with Instagram trends, and even
promote your online resale store on your social media channels.
• Keep an eye out for trends: The brands with the best resale value are Michael Kors,
Kate Spade and Tory Burch among others. In general, designer labels less than 2 years
old can make you the most money.
• Be honest: make sure you make a potential buyer aware of any wear and tear,
otherwise you could risk getting your account suspended because of a disgruntled
• Sell activewear: Last year, gym and sportswear was the fastest growing category of
clothing, probably to meet growing demand for fashionable fitness ensembles.
• Put clothes on at the right time: Research revealed that most second-hand thrifters
shop between 9pm and 10pm.


Research reveals the dirty hygiene habits stopping 78% of singles who want to score this summer

• In a survey of 1,467 singletons aged 18-30 (748 girls and 719 boys,) it was discovered that
78% were looking to get lucky on their summer holiday this year
• The biggest turn off for women is bad breath, with 41% claiming it is the worst hygiene habit
• Whereas, men found bad body odor to be the least attractive quality in a woman (21%)

Summer is in full swing and so far, it’s been a hot one. Recently, Brits experienced record-breaking temperatures, reaching 34.5 degrees Celsius – and proving to be the hottest day recorded in June since 1976!

The following research conducted by concluded that the current climate calls for far more than a top up of deodorant, an extra bath or two and several splashes of your freshest summer fragrance.

Because, with scorching hot weather comes sticky consequence.

In a survey of 1,467 singletons aged 18-30 (748 girls and 719 boys), it was discovered that 78% of
Brits are looking to get lucky on their summer holiday this year.

To help those hoping to score this summer, provided respondents with a list of
30 of the most unhygienic habits imaginable* – with participants selecting the top 10 turn-offs that
would put them off indulging in a 2017 summer romance altogether. The results were as follows:

*There were several gender specific hygiene issues in the list.

In analysing results, it is interesting to see where preferences lie regarding men and women and
their differing opinions on hygiene. Women deemed bad breath to be most offensive, at 41% whilst
a further 36% found BO to be the most unattractive hygiene habit in a man. Contrastingly, 26% of
men were turned off by BO, whilst odour from genitalia (23%) and bad breath (19%) followed closely

One survey participant, Jake (age 27) commented: “Body odour is one of the least attractive things
about a woman, no matter how good looking she may be. Considering they (women) do not tend to
sweat as much as men, it is the biggest indicator that she does not take care of herself. It reminds me
of a bloke after the gym!”

Interestingly, despite the wave of feminist trends currently in action – such as the likes of Miley
Cyrus and Lady Gaga embracing their body hair, or the famous Instagram ‘rainbow hair’ trend –
qualities deemed to be unfeminine are still wildly unpopular. With countless hygiene issues included
in the list suggesting ‘unladylike’ habits like excess hair are still the biggest turn-off for men.

Contrastingly, the least attractive hygiene habits that will turn women away are associated more
with smell and cleanliness, rather than appearance.

Hayley, (age 23) revealed her experience regarding male hygiene issues: “At university there was a
group of lads that we were friends with; one was gorgeous, however his finger nails were long, dirty
and awful. He was quite reserved so we wouldn’t dare mention it to him, but everyone knew it and it
was difficult to even look at him when eating – so gross – and imagine the impracticalities!”.


At the end of the road that is Lewisham High Street, behind the Lewisham Shopping Centre, there is a must visit restaurant called Sparrow. It is food that is different, delicious, and worth the trip.

Me and a friend went for a Saturday brunch meal on what was one of the hottest days of the year. We immediately ordered cool drinks. I had the delicious pineapple, mellon and grapefruit drink that hit the spot. It was sweet and colorful and yummy – and only £3.50. My friend had a smoothie that was very milky and white, with coconut, condensed milk and raspberries thrown in, a bit too heavy for my tastes but he enjoyed it and drank it within minutes.

I had seen a photo online of their pancakes so I knew this is what I was going to have. They were coconut pancakes with peanut caramel and pineapple salsa, with a dollop of sour cream on top, and they were superbly delicious – like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. It’s the bits of pineapple with small bits of peanuts scattered about that gave this dish the wow factor – and at only £8 I would definitely order it again. My companion enjoyed his chicken and curry pastry. It was like a pie only smaller, and he said that the crust was nice and light, and that it was delicious, and a deal at £8 (it’s not alway on the menu, Sparrow does tend to mix up their offerings from day to day with daily specials).

We would’ve been remiss if we didn’t try out the typical Sri Lankan dish Appam. It’s a type of pancake made with fermented rice and coconut milk, and comes shaped like a bowl. While I had a plain one, it is recommended that ingredients be put into it as this is a very typical Sri Lanka dish, and Sparrow does offer up various combinations of eggs and other ingredients to include, and not costing more than £6.

Sparrow also has quite a unique dinner menu. From fried rabbit (£7.5), fennel and blood orange salad (£7), roast pork belly with harissa (£12) and then the malt duck with chilli jam (£13.50) all of which will probably knock your socks off. Along with Sparrow’s nice selection of drinks, Sparrow is perhaps one of the only reasons to go to Lewisham, unless you live there, and if you do indeed live there, you must pay a visit to Sparrow. And if you don’t live there, pay a visit to Sparrow. It delivers delicious unique food at the right price.
Phone; 0203 318 6941
Dinner: Tue-Sat 6-10pm
Brunch Sat-Sun 10-5pm

Photos from Sparrow
Review by Tim Baros

Evoking the senses this summer and embracing fragrance

Inspired by Somerset House exhibition Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent, gpstudio, a design agency based in Southwark, has dedicated their Arch Window exhibition space to the ‘art of fragrance’. This exhibition will be on display until early September 2017.

Lipstick of London: Illustration Agency founded by Marie-Claire Westover, was approached by gpstudio to create a colourful interpretation of a fragrance that has been supplied by Paul Goodwin, Project Manager from EcoScent. Paul said that the company aims to, “enhance customer experience and to influence purchase decisions by using the power of scent through our stylish scent delivery systems and premium fragrance oils.”

Sarah Smart, an illustrator from Lipstick of London found inspiration in the fragrance (which contains hints of Geranium Leaf, Mandarin Rind and Bergamot) to create colourful illustrations of women, perfume bottles and an array of flowers. Sarah used her creative skills to draw the illustrations onto the glass of the Arch Window, bringing the scent to life in a visual display of colour. She explained her thoughts on drawing these illustrations, “I was inspired not only by the ingredients but the way it made me feel. I felt it has quite a mischievous and sexy feel to it, hence the ladies I chose to use. There was a strong feminine scent and I wanted that to come across quite playfully which is why I chose big bright and bold illustrations to cover the glass window.”

Gregor Jackson, founding partner of gpstudio said, “as retail designers, gpstudio understand that perfume is not only a scent that defines the uniqueness of individuals, but also about a customer experience in a retail environment.”

About gpstudio

gpstudio is a London based design agency specialising in brand strategy, retail architecture, interiors, graphic and digital. Their portfolio of clients include U.K. and International brands and retail destinations, such as Harrods, John Lewis, Hersheson’s, Shinsegae and Ocado.


Inspired by the Himalayas, Just Like us.

For immediate release
Winter 2017

Woven into every piece of Sherpa Adventure Gear are small touches of the Himalayas. From our auspicious Prayer Flags zipper pulls to our prints and designs based on ancient carvings and patterns,  we pay tribute to our heritage and the people and cultures of our homeland.Every garment has a story behind its name – a famous climber, a sacred place, an everyday expression – keeping age old traditions alive. Of course the Endless Knot ties it all together to bring you good fortune and serve as a reminder that all things, in all ways, are tied together as one.

Ang Tharkay (ung∙thar∙kay) Jacket – Considered to be the first of the great mountaineering Sirdars and the grandfather of them all. In 1950 he was the Sirdar for the French expedition to Annapurna led by Maurice Herzog, which became the first climb on an 8000m peak.

The Ang Tharkay Jacket is made from our Himaltec® laminated 3-layer stretch 65d plain weave that is made of 100% microfibre polyester with a 100% nylon tricot backing, it will keep you dry and warm when the elements are wet and cold. The stretch fabric allows you to feel unrestricted as you hike, climb, and trek through whatever the weather brings. Features includes Nepal inspired trims, helmet compatible hood, hand and chest pockets as well as a removable powder skirt and lift ticket pocket. Himaltec® fabric features 20,000mm/20,000g/m² waterproof/breathable rating. RRP £300

Lithang (lee∙tung)) Hybrid Bib – Lithang town, in the Kham region of Eastern Tibet, is located at an altitude of 4,014km, making it one of the highest towns in the world. New for 2017, the Lithang Hybrid Bib is a great all year round piece perfect for summer and winter mountain conditions. The 3-layer shell fabric is waterproof yet breathable giving you the ultimate comfort. Features include waist adjustment tabs to customise fit, two way zippered thigh vents, zippered cargo pocket and a removable snow seal gaitor at interior hem. The trousers also feature a removable doubleweave bib offering protection against snow. Available for men and women. RRP £220

Karma (kar∙muh) Jacket – In Hinduism and Buddhism, Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this
and previous states of existence. It’s viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
The Karma Jacket is a great all mountain layering piece perfect for a variety of activities from day walking to ice
climbing. Recently updated for 2017 this jacket includes our unique low profile media system, Nepal inspired
trims, zippered chest pocket and two handwarmer pockets. This dense (100wt) 2 sided fleece is made of 100%
polyester and is a great piece for layering or even to be worn as an outer layer due to its flattering construction.
RRP £60


Rinchen (rin∙chin) Long Sleeve Tee– In Tibetan means “precious”. The Rinchen Long Sleeve Tee features a sculpted, anatomically-patterned construction, designed for maximum comfort and mobility. The fabric has permanent wicking finish that transports moisture from the inside out for a quicker dry time and softer slub jersey hand. Also featuring a Polygiene® antimicrobial technology, which utilises natural silver salt to inhibit the growth of odour-causing microorganisms. It lasts the life of the garment and does not wash out. The Rinchen also features reversed flat seams for bulk-free comfort and utilises Anesoft® RRP £35

Norgay (nore•gay) Jacket – Named after the man who brought Sherpas to worldwide attention when they reached the summit of Everest with Edmund Hillary in 1953. An entirely new design for FW17, this Norgay jacket is constructed out of 100% recycled polyester fibres and provides soft, lofty warmth. The Himalayan inspired printed taffeta liner makes for hitch free layering, whilst the adjustable hood fit can be refined via a multi cinch system at centre back and at sides. The Norgay also features two zippered chest pockets, reverse-entry zippered hand warmer pockets: two front dual-action snap closure pockets. RRP £200

Tingri (Thing•ri) Jacket – A town in Southern Tibet. It is often used as a base by mountain climbers preparing to ascend Everest and Cho Oyu. Also used to be an important trading post where Sherpas from Nepal traded for Tibetan wool, livestock and salt. A new addition to Sherpa for FW17, the Tingri jackets main fabric is Polartec® Thermal Pro®, which is a two sided cable knit fleece made of 100% polyester (86% of which is recycled)/Nylon overlays at shoulders, elbow pads, and pocket flaps are 88% nylon/12% spandex. RRP £100

Mukti (mook•tee) Pullover – In Hindu philosophy, Mukti is a term which refers to freedom from ignorance, self-realisation and self-knowledge. New for 2017 this two-sided fleece provides bulk-free comfort and warmth for whatever activities you’re ticking off the list. Also featuring Nepal inspired trims and antique brass buttons .RRP £90

Nathula (na•thu•la) Crew Sweater – Nathula is a mountain pass in the Himalayas that connects Sikkim with Tibet. The Nepal inspired jacquard pattern is inspired by the rich tapestry of Bhutan, and is exclusive to Sherpa. The blended construction of Nylon and extrafine Merino wool ensures ultimate warmth and comfort for the wearer. RRP £70

Sardar (sir∙dar) Shirt – In mountaineering, the lead Sherpa of an expedition is referred to as the Sardar. Inspired by the shirts worn on the first ever Everest expedition, this timeless shirt consists of a 2-sided brushed flannel; 77% polyester/12% rayon/11% wool. The design includes two side slits for added ease of movement and features Nepalese inspired trims. RRP £60

Divya (div∙ya) Parka – An Indian name derived from Sanskrit meaning “Divine”. This stylish women’s parka is made from our Himaltec® Laminated 2 layer woven fabric and features 100% recycled polyester insulation. The pattern on this stylish piece is inspired by the rich colours and patterns of traditional Bhutanese ware and is exclusive to Sherpa. This particular Himaltec® fabric features 10.000/5,000g m² waterproof/breathable rating. RRP £220.

Namla (num∙la) Zip Jacket – Namla is a popular Tibetan name. The word Nam means ‘Sky’, and Lha means ‘God’. Literally “Sky God”, a wonderful name from the roof of the world. This beautifully patterned jacket features a Tibetan print, inspired by antique doors found in the monasteries of the Himalayan region. The pullover silhouette has a deep centre-front zipper to allow for quick venting. RRP £70

Yamuna (ya∙moo∙na) Shirt– Named after the largest tributary of the Ganges and a famous goddess in Hindu mythology. Yamuna is the daughter of the Sun God, Surya. This flattering classic shirt includes a beautiful plaid pattern with stitching inspired by Tibetan textiles. Featuring Tencel®, a natural fibre that regulates body temperature and is naturally antibacterial. The design includes a bias cut front and back panels, which add give to the garment while adding aesthetic interest as well. RRP £70

About Sherpa Adventure Gear – In the highest reaches of the Himalayas, the Sherpa people lead the world in mountaineering with warmth, grace and good humour. Tashi Sherpa—upon discovering that his uncles assisted Sir Edmund Hilary’s celebrated 1953 expedition to the summit of Everest—founded Sherpa Adventure Gear in 2003 to honour his people by creating the best quality outdoor apparel made in Nepal. The company employs hundreds in Kathmandu and Nepal at its stores and manufacturing operations. For more information, visit


Pilo & Co Tempo Ladies Automatic Skeleton Swiss Watch

Pilo & Co, the independent Swiss watchmaking brand, present the new Automatic Skeleton Tempo, exclusively dedicated to women.

Available in several versions combining different materials and finishes, this family of Swiss Made mechanical watches with automatic winding is open to view both front and back. The new Skeleton Tempo – the ultimate touch of style.

This rare skeleton watch enables both the wearer and onlooker to revel in the magical spectacle of a micro mechanical construction in motion. Women are now looking for a beautiful mechanical watch that does not rely on a battery that runs out every couple of years. What they now seek is the enduring beauty of a mechanical marvel with its tiny beating heart, the core of this stunning automatic watch. The aesthetic charms of a watchmaking movement whose balletic display transforms it into the ultimate, essential luxury accessory. The ideal accompaniment for an outfit, the optimal colour match, the pay-off between the long hours spent perfecting the tiniest detail and the final distinctive touch that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Pilo & Co Tempo ladies watch movement has been entirely skeletonised in house at Pilo & Co in Geneva. The movement is taken completely apart, re-engineered and hand engraved by Pilo and Co craftsman and then differentiated in rose, yellow or white PVD gold. Finally it is re-assembled by hand and tested under different conditions to assure perfect time keeping. The inside circle is made using natural mother of pearl and the watch case is water resistant to 30 metres, with a screw down crown.

The new Pilo & Co Tempo watch boasts an eye-catching design and colour scheme. Pilo & Co Geneva have designed and manufactured the new Tempo Skeleton Dame especially for women. The 38 mm diameter steel case and sparkling bezel, set with 50 natural cubic zirconia stones, exudes refinement and assertive elegance. In a play on contrasts, the watches are available in several versions. Three models come in steel with daring touches of blue, pink and white, two are PVD rose gold, combined with ivory or black mother of pearl on a finely worked dial. A splash of Luminova is also used to capture and harness the light and let it glow at night, animating these companion timepieces with a visual allusion to the passing of time.

Supplied with a leather strap secured by a deployant buckle, the Tempo Skeleton Dame packs a whole host of refined details catering to those discerning buyers looking for something unique. These contemporary luxury watches are as tantalising to the eye as they are enjoyable to wear. These rare time pieces are sure to attract and inspire many admiring glances and comments from friends and colleagues. Look out for the little touches that make these watches so special, for example the rear glass element is infused with grey which adds a lovely tonal depth to the skin colour of the women wearing the watch.

Amarildo Pilo, CEO and founder, is widely known as the watchmaker of St Gervais where the Company was founded and they are the only independent watch brand to have their own name boutique in St Gervais. He has a deep love of aesthetic natural materials such as mother of pearl, fine leather and diamonds which he uses to great effect in their watch range. It is all the more extra-ordinary that they have succeeded in producing such high quality mechanical Swiss watches, made entirely in Geneva, at such affordable prices. In addition they have eleven ranges of watches in very different designs to suit all tastes and provide a wide selection for people to find their ideal Swiss watch.

Amarildo Pilo:
“Pilo & Co watches have always aspired to a natural luxury using only the finest natural materials and gemstones in their watches, a reflection of nature creating a casual luxury that makes our watches so unique.”

Pilo & Co is a Swiss brand with one eye on the future that respects tradition and craftmanship. Their watches are produced in the style and manner of the ‘Cabinotiers’ of St Gervais in Geneva and capture the original spirit of ‘La Fabrique’, that period in history when the independent workshops stood in defiance of the large factories. They distilled within their midst the essence of top-quality watchmaking and craftsmanship, combined with the artistic sensibilities of the jeweller. This enviable status allowed them to pursue a never-ending cycle of renewed creativity.

The collections produced by Pilo & Co Genève are built around the concepts of design, fine watchmaking, jewellery, trends and affordability, with the desire to supply prestige and quality at the best price. The Geneva watchmaking brand sells its various collections in all four corners of the globe with the same ethos of tradition, excellence and quality.

Pilo & Co Genève have two own-name stores in Geneva, on the right and left banks. The store in St Gervais and another at the park des Bastions with 30 retail outlets in Switzerland and are sold in 18 countries with 140 models spanning 11 collections. 20% of the timepieces have custom gem-settings on demand and 80% of the watches are affordably priced (CHF 400.00 – CHF 1,600.00).

For The Smart Type

The Penclic K2 Mini Keyboard is a must have for any work space as it breaks the mold from your regular oversized, clunky keyboard and replaces it with innovative Swedish design and cutting edge technology. Once you’ve got your hands on one you’re sure to have all your colleague’s eyes green with envy.

The Penclic K2 is compatible on both PC and Mac devices, includes USB connection for charging and has a 5mm profile to help reduce the strain on your wrists. The quiet touch keys help to provide the perfect tactile feel, reducing noise, and allows minimal pressure to be used when typing. While the optional upwards tilt is the perfect added extra.

Here to suit your way of working the Penclic K2 allows you to get the most out of your time in front of the computer screen for a more relaxed and centralised working position that you can rely on.

While the specification of the K2 is first class this Mini Keyboard also helps to counteract and reduce signs of RSI because on a day to day basis we see the amount of time spent sitting at our desk increase daily, but why should you have to compromise on your health? Get it right with the K2 Mini Keyboard from Penclic, helping to optimise your efficiency levels. Keeping your wrists straight, making sure you’re putting less strain on the tendons and nerves. Allowing your hands to float above the keyboard in order not to put pressure on your hands.

The team at Penclic strive to change the workplaces of today so you get only the best, constantly reinventing and rethinking ways to get the most from your day.

The Penclic K2 Mini Keyboard is available online from Penclic for £54.99.


Tokyobike x GF Smith – World’s Favourite Colour

After a major global survey spanning over 100 countries, with thousands of votes submitted via, the world’s favourite colour has been chosen!

As well as a custom tokyobike* the colour will be applied to a range of products from iconic British brands including Anglepoise lamps, Bompas and Parr, Sunspel, Cambridge Satchel Company, H Furniture, Richard Brendon and Plain Pins along with a selection of stationery products from G.F Smith

The big reveal took place on Humber Street in Hull last week where G.F Smith launched the World’s Favourite Colour Pop-up Shop. It coincides with G.F Smith’s exhibition ‘Paper City’, a series of paper installations by eight leading creatives that will be on show in the Fruit Market, as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

The exhibition runs 29 June – 9 July, before moving, along with a number of the installations, to G.F Smith’s Show Space in London from 12th July.


About tokyobike


tokyobike is a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka. The name was derived from the design of the bikes. In the same way the mountain bike was designed for the mountains so tokyobike was designed for Tokyo.


Smaller 650mm wheels and slim, compact, steel frames make the bikes easy to handle and light to ride. Based on the concept of ‘Tokyo Slow’, tokyobike believe it’s as much about the journey as the destination.


tokyobike stores can be found in an increasing number of cultural cities around the world and the company regularly collaborates with brands that share a similar outlook.


London stores:

87 – ­89 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4BA

14 Eastcastle Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3AX

Hydrate and Feel Great With Ion8!

Yielding new benchmarks for both functionality and form, the Ion8 is the ultimate water bottle for you, with a number of brilliant features you can see why the design of the Ion8 is first class and leaps ahead of its competitors.


Firstly, it 100% leak proof 100% of the time! After all there is nothing worst then finding your once full water bottle has soaked through the entire contents of your bag, perfect for those a little accident prone too, you can be reassured your drink isn’t going anywhere even if you are. All because of the nifty lid lock and easy grip soft band for peace of mind.


Secondly the Ion8 has a 1 touch hygienic flip top, perfect for on the go without the hassle of annoying screw tops or nozzles, it’s ideal for all those gym goers and daily commuters. If that wasn’t enough get rapid hydration effortlessly with the vented smooth liquid flow so there is no need to have to do a work out to get to your drink in the first place!


The Ion8 Ultimate Water Bottle gives you a whole 550ml to keep you well hydrated. So no matter if you’re a hot or cold drinker the Ion8 has you covered for drinks from -10 degrees to a scorching 96 degrees, its sure to see you though all the seasons! Easy filling allows for fast refilling when you need it most and can even optionally add some fruit or ice cubes.

Through these summer months there is nothing more important than keeping hydrated and we have the product to do this! Helping to make you look and feel great, the Ion8 increases energy and relieves fatigue levels.  Health boosts your body’s immune system, leaving you both looking good as it flushes out toxins, improves skin and promotes skin loss. As well as  feeling good helping to aid digestion, relieving cramps and headaches.


Available in a range of colours from to black, dark blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and orange there is something to suit your style.

The Ion8 Ultimate Water Bottle is available to buy online from Amazon from £11.45.