National Photo Week Is Here to Help the UK’s Photographers

  • Ever-improving smartphone cameras give rise to new generation of photographers
  • The average photographer in the UK earns £20,000 a year, with some earning between two and five thousand pounds per event.


  • National Photo Week is teaming up with The Royal Photography Society and challenging the UK to take its best pictures ever!


Photography is one of the most dynamic art forms on the planet, allowing people to create art in a matter of seconds on the move. More and more people are taking up photography as a hobby thanks to smartphones, then progressing to fully learn the skills needed to create works of artistic value.

National Photo Week (24-20th July) aims to educate and inspire the British public to not only take more pictures, but also to learn the deeper techniques behind composition, editing, and display.

Throughout Photo Week, we’ll be setting challenges, writing blogs, and sharing the best shots to help everyone become better photographers. The Royal Photographic Society is holding workshops designed to educate everyone from complete beginners to semi-professionals.


More photos are being taken than ever before in human history. 300 million are uploaded to Facebook every single day, and 729 are uploaded to Instagram every single second!

National Photo Week has teamed up with iPhone accessory company Pictar, who make the perfect addition to any budding photographer’s arsenal: a chassis that integrates with your phone and allows you to take pictures with a higher degree of precision and control.


Photography holiday or photography tours are becoming more popular, so National Photo Week has teamed up with Charlie Waite, professional photographer and founder of photography tour company Light&Land. Charlie will promote learning and share tips on how to take better photos drawing on his experience of taking photos of some of the most beautiful and dynamic landscapes on the planet.


Adam Cox, founder of National Photo Week said: ‘National Photo Week is all about fostering a community of photographers, so everyone can learn and appreciate each other’s work, as well as sharing their pictures with the world.’


We’ll be giving tips, running competitions, and are calling on everyone to upload their photos to Twitter or Instagram with #NationalPhotoWeek to be in with the chance of winning a prize.


Notes to Editors:

The Royal Photographic Society was established over 150 years ago and is one of the UK’s oldest artistic institutions.

The Pictar range of iPhone accessories are a chassis that your phone slides into, allowing you to access a wide range of features in the same way you would with a camera, giving your phone even more versatility.

Charlie Waite has been a professional photographer for decades and founded Light&Land to give a hands-on approach to amateur photographers.


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