Roll Up, Roll Up, the Psychedelic Circus is in Town

Live Fashion Official teamed up with Calcium from Calcium Creates on 16th Feb 2019 to bring a unique, immersive Fashion Show experience to London Fashion Week at the Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch. Using the Jail Cells at the Courthouse, which formerly housed the infamous Kray Twins, to stage presentations from James Reeves Design, Kelly Gilpin, Viva La Vida World & Violet Vega before moving to the adjacent main room for the Calcium Creates show, A Psychedelic Circus’ featured a host of Circus Performers to entertain, amaze & interact with the audience.
Live fashion official calcium from calcium
Live Fashion Official is “the world’s most exciting Fashion Show” (  March 2018) producing high energy, boundary pushing, interactive fashion shows with a heavy emphasis on emerging designers
Calcium, from Calcium Creates, is an emerging designer (currently studying “fashion Design’ at the prestigious LCF) who is making her presence felt on the London Fashion scene with colourful, energetic collections & immersive shows.
Ladies & Gentlemen, Roll Up, Roll Up, get your Circus Freak on & step into A Psychedelic Circus!
Images by Richard Kaby
Fabuk Magazine