Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott Ring in Second Week of Brand New Magic Radio Breakfast Show Disclose mortifying childhood nicknames Ronan fancied himself a football star – attempted to go by “Schillaci”
Kicking off their second week hosting the brand new Magic Radio Breakfast Show, Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott discussed everything, from Ronan’s time as an X Factor Australia judge, to doomsday preppers, and even their most embarrassing childhood nicknames.

 Ronan, a former member of smash-hit musical group Boyzone, revealed he attempted to get his mates to call him Schillaci on the football pitch, to pay homage to the legendary Italian footballer. Unfortunately, this did not stick as he did not encompass the skills to back up the name.

 “We moved house and I moved into this new area and I just wanted to be cool. I was playing soccer with the lads, and I wanted to be called Schillaciso I told all the lads on the team to call me Schillaci. I was a proud footballer! And they refused to call me anything ’cause I stood on the sidelines.”

 Ronan furthered this by disclosing he later tried to get his friends to address him as MJ when he decided to take up basketball. This too didn’t catch on, as his height did not mirror that of the famous basketball star.

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