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Antonia Nae AW20 During London Fashion Week

Antonia Nae presents her collection Amanita Muscaria. The collection is inspired by the shape, texture and habitat of mushrooms, from the Wild Carpathians.

The techniques used in the collection involve special patterns construction, design development and different types of fabric manipulation.

Antonia Nae explores the colour black and the mixture of different textures. Nae relishes at combining a blend of fabrics with embellishments to create her own fabric and make it unique.

All of her collections are represented by the combination of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ fabrics, such as leather with lace, silk, embroidered fabrics and many more. Antonia Nae uses sustainable fabrics for her clothes, such as organic cotton, pure silk and recycled polyester.

Showing the collection at Fashion Scout represents an important step for her career. She is honoured to be surrounded by talented designers, to see their collections, and to be a part of the amazing platform during London Fashion Week.

This collection represents the continuity of her previous collections, where Antonia Nae develops and explores different themes that inspire her.