Meet Ralitza Dzhambazova


Rebeca Riofrio ( ART in Fusion TV )  Talking to Ralitza a young woman originally from Bulgaria residing in London, is consider one of the best female body shapers and sport trainer in the UK,  she is also a winner of several world championships proving the excellence of her work.

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Please could you tell us about your background and how it led to the work you do today?
I’m a professional athlete with over 10 years experience in various athletic fields. I achieved second place in the World Powerlifting Championship in 2013, which gave me the motivation to continue developing my personal fitness even further and help others to achieve their fitness goals.

Where are you based?
I am based in central London, training my clients in LAX Fitness. I also train clients in other private fitness clubs, public parks and homes. I also offer an online personalized training and nutrition program at

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How would you describe your work to someone who hasn’t seen it before?
I find my work both challenging and rewarding. It has given me a great opportunity to develop others and myself in addition to work with people develop a healthy lifestyle.
I would describe my work as an art! It’s a process of reconstructing the human body, which in turn changes your physical appearance and your gene expression. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps prevent illness, in addition to maintaining good muscle function throughout life.

Who else is behind your brand?
My brand is my experience and knowledge, which I gained over the years by working with different people and ages that have different body structures and walks of life.
I owe my success to all my clients who believed in me.

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What or who has been the biggest singular influence on your work?
Healthy athletes have always been a big influence on my work.
The biggest influence was my trainer who made me believe that I can do much more that I could ever believe I could do.

Which project have you enjoyed working on the most so far?
As a personal trainer, and qualified nutritionist, I am often asked by women how to best train and tone their gluts and legs.
I decided to combine the most effective gluteus training exercises and nutrition practice in a 4-week DVD program that lifts shapes and builds your gluteus while slimming your hips and thigh muscles that gives visible results.
A healthy body is a body that is toned and you can be proud of. Nothing boosts self-confidence like a body you are proud to show. The only way to achieve this is with a healthy diet and effective training. My DVD “I want a butt like that” will open your mind to a world of new ideas and possibilities.

A world of success and physical achievement.

Where can people find more about you and your future projects?
People can find more about me and my projects on my website.

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