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12,410 Brits Google “How to Hack Instagram” EVERY MONTH

Did you know that phone hacking is on the rise? A recent report from the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) puts smartphones on the top of the list as the main channel for hackers, which is unsurprising considering how much information we store on our phones.

With that in mind, technology experts at sought to investigate which mobile phone brands are most likely to be targeted by hackers in the UK. They also investigated which mobile phone applications are most prone to being hacked.

The data was gathered by analysing monthly Google search volumes to see how many Brits are looking to find information on how to hack different apps or phone brands.

You are 167 times more likely to get targeted by hackers if you have THIS phone

When investigated the number of times people were interested in hacking different phone brands, the results show a whopping difference between the brand in first place and the other brands. In fact, the results show the following:

Most hacked phone brands Total search volume
iPhone 10,040
Samsung 700
Huawei 200
LG 90
Nokia 70
Sony 60

If you are an iPhone owner, then you are 167 times more at risk to have your phone hacked than if you were a Sony owner.

In second place are Samsung owners, with 700 Brits monthly searching how to hack into their phones. Huawei is third with 200 searches/month, while LG, Nokia and Sonywere the phones hackers are least interested in, with under 100 searches/month each.

What Apps are most at risk of being hacked?

Just like with phone brands, some apps are more prone to being hacked than others. In fact, your Instagram account is approximately 17 times more likely to be targeted by hackers than your Netflix account. The results show that a shocking 12,410 Brits are interested in finding out how to hack someone’s Instagram account every month. Your Snapchat and WhatsApp accounts are not safe either, with over 7,000 Brits intending to find information on how to hack into these apps every month. san francisco hot lunch

Most hacked apps Total search volume
Instagram 12,410
Snapchat 7,380
WhatsApp 7,100
YouTube 1,950
Twitter 1,790
Messenger 1,750
Gmail 1,510
Facebook 1,120
Amazon 1,070
Netflix 750