Trew Fields; Facing Taboos With the World’s Only Health and Wellbeing Cancer Festival

The world’s first and only uplifting and taboo-facing cancer awareness festival, Trew Fields, will see its third iteration this July.  Set on a beautiful farm, just outside of Dunsfold in Surrey, from Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July, Trew Fields is an inspirational, stirring, colourful and informative wellbeing ‘boutique’ event and comfortable space to talk about ‘taboo’ topics, especially created for anyone going through any kind of cancer and those interested in health as well as supportive partners, friends and family.

World’s only health and wellbeing cancer festivalCo-founded and co-curated by force of nature, 28 year old Sophie Trew, the ultimate ‘restival’ is the first output in Sophie’s dedicated strategy to use and share her experience of cancer as a force for good. Sophie’s mission with Trew Fields is ultimately to change the cancer narrative by speaking about topics that people are often afraid to discuss, utilising a summer fun festival setting as a way of helping open the doors of positive and empowering health and wellbeing options for those of all ages, experiencing health and cancer curveballs.

Sadly, the UK has some of the worst cancer survival rates in Europe, and Trew Fields aims to counteract this with the coming together of both sides of the health debate conventional and more alternative so that those experiencing cancer, and those working in the cancer arena, can positively unite and progress together.

Over two days, Trew Fields 2019 will host in excess of 80 inspiring and influential speakers, world-leading holistic health experts, specialist workshop teachers, international doctors, and Stage 4 cancer thrivers and survivors.  Top international speakers include Dr Nasha Winters, Sophie Sabbage, The Cancer Whisperer and Dr David Hamilton who recently gained global notoriety via the Netflix documentary ‘Heal’.

Other key speakers and session leaders include Fred The Forager from The Wild Side of life, Dr Robert Thomas and Saima Thompson from Curry and Cancer.

Sophie Trew says, “I know so many people find this hard to believe, but if you approach cancer from a certain direction, there is a chance that you can use the experience in a positive and uplifting way.  And you can find ways to have fun, and to explore new, and unexpected opportunities and connections in life that you may not otherwise have made.”

Sophie continues, “Given that one in two people in the UK will be affected by cancer-based health challenges, and given that 90-95% of these issues are linked to lifestyle and environmental factors, with a surprisingly low 5-10% from genetic factors, it’s so evident to me that there’s lots that we can all be doing about prevention and about empowered health choices in all of our everyday lives. Cancer is such a taboo subject, yet so many people are touched by it.  So, I believe it’s time to change the heavy cancer narrative.  It’s time to delve into it all and talk about it an open, progressive and proactive way.  We’ve created Trew Fields as an uplifting opportunity to creatively and openly explore proactive health options for everyone.  This is also a space in time for those experiencing cancer to be able to let loose and to enjoy themselves. I truly believe it’s everything I did alongside my chemotherapy with lifestyle changes and therapies, that has kept me thriving and healthy today and I’m keen for people to know they have more options available to them. Knowing we have options and can play an active role in our health can reduce the fear cancer brings.”

Trew Fields 2019 happenings and workshops will be running on everything from gut health to disco yoga, from medicinal mushrooms sampling sessions to healthy cooking demos and from live fermentation workshops to medicinal cannabis insights.

All day long, workshops and talks are accompanied by the most delicious of catering from the likes of Happy Maki, Amrutha and probiotic, gut-boosting drinks from Old Tree and craft brewery options from the onsite brewery Crafty Brewing Co as well as the freshest of smoothies and juices keeping festivalgoers infused with nutrition and refreshments throughout the weekend.

Then by night, like any festival, the music and the comedy romps up and Trew Fields attendees laugh, relax and dance the night away, against the backdrop of the stars and moon.   DJ acts Dom Servini and Spinx and musicians Elli Ingram and Luke Jackson punctuate the creative programme, bringing funk, beats and the right kind of blues to the crowds.

Sophie says, “When you’re diagnosed with cancer or any other type of scary illness, it’s an overwhelming time with lots of contradictory info, and it can be isolating and easy to feel desperately alone.  We’ve created Trew Fields to help with all of this and to balance brainfood education and entertainment.  Trew Fields is all about how to live well, and how to celebrate life and we strive to give all our festivalgoers the opportunity to come together around their shared challenges, and to kick back in the English countryside, in the midst of summer.  Everybody relaxes and rejuvenates together, having a brilliant time, within the normality of the collaborative experience, exploring workshops, talks and entertainment.  We’re delighted to hear that lots of our festivalgoers have described their experience of Trew Fields as a life-changing one, and look forward to welcoming many more to the farm.”

Tickets currently from £75 per person for the full weekend including camping.

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