7 Golden Rules for Natural Beauty

A lot of women use tons and tons of products to combat the signs of skin ageing and other skin issues. Some of them even spend a good amount of money to keep their skin younger-looking and radiant.

If you are one of these women,  then you know exactly how difficult getting beautiful skin can be.

Fortunately, however, there are these 7 easy tips for natural beauty you can try- all without chemicals or even expensive price tags.

1. Choose whole foods

Those fried and greasy junk foods won’t do your skin any good. In fact, aside from your skin, they can also create problems for your general health.

Diabetes and hypertension, on top of the skin breakouts,  are only few of the issues you’ll have to face if you constantly indulge in a high-salt and high-fat diet.

So, instead of dragging your grocery cart to the center of the grocery store, push it along the sides. These are the areas where you’ll see whole foods more.

Fill your grocery cart and your pantry with fresh fruits and vegetables. Turn them into delicious salads and prepare a spare pack so you won’t have any excuse to call for a pizza delivery once you get hungry.

2. Do a routine exercise

It doesn’t necessarily have to be vigorous. Even a short but frequent brisk walk in the park can help you burn some calories while purging out toxins.

Exercise has a lot of benefits not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

However, despite its benefits, you should still be careful when choosing your type of exercise. High-intensity exercises, for example, can cause your body to experience stress.

Once that happens, your body will trigger several responses, including inflammation and insulin resistance. These things can lead to chronic acne.

Aside from this, you should also take caution about exercise-induced acne. Make sure to wipe off sweat right away and keep your hands and equipment clean all the time.

3. Indulge in daily meditation

Meditation is a two thousand year-old practice of introspection. It helps you be more in tune with yourself.

It also makes you more energetic and aids in your body’s cellular repair. It enhances blood flow to your organs and bring more oxygen to your cells.

As a result of these benefits, your aging process greatly slows down. You look more radiant, refreshed and glowing.

Since it can make your mind and body relax, meditation also allows you to be more conscious of your choices. It gives you time to slow down and enjoy taking care of yourself better.

As to how you should meditate, there are actually no rules. But the idea is that the more you practice it, the easier it gets for you to enter a relaxed state.

You can do this for a couple of minutes everyday, preferably in the morning. Find the best spot in your home where you can sit comfortably in silence, with our without a meditation guide.

4. Pamper yourself with a massage once in a while

There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a good massage every now and then- particularly if you’ve had a rough day at work or when you’re too stressed.

A massage can improve your blood flow which means there’ll be more nourishments and oxygen that can reach your skin. It also makes toxin removal easier.

Another benefit of massage is skin tightening. So, if you want to improve your skiin’s elasticity, get rid of those wrinkles and puffiness, getting a massage is the right way to go.

It doesn’t necessarily have to involve expensive trips to the spa. In fact, with the right type of oil, you can give your skin a soothing massage each night.

5. Take supplements

Your diet alone may not be enough to give your skin all the nutrients it needs to stay young and healthy. To ensure that you give your skin the help it needs to stay glowing from the inside, you can consider taking supplements.

Fern extract, for example, can help protect your skin against the harmful UV rays while addresing inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids, on the other hand, can regulate your skin’s oil production. It can also help delay the frustrating signs of skin aging.

6. Protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays

Exposing your unprotected skin ag skin to the sun is one of the best ways to hasten the process of skin aging. In fact, prolonged and frequent sun exposure can’t only make you look older than your actual age, but it can also predispose you to skin cancer.

Scary, isn’t it?

To save your skin, make sure you wear enough protection before heading outdoors. There are actually a lot of sun protecting products you can use, ranging from physical to chemical sunscreens.

Aside from applying products, make sure you also wear proper protective clothing. Try to wear clothes that can block out the sun’s rays or you can wear a hat to shield yourself.

7. Get enough rest

There is no denying what a good night sleep can do for your skin. It’s the time where your body gets to relax and repair itself.

Without it, your body will release stress hormones that can lead to inflammation. If you already have acne-prone skin or rosacea, it can mean bad news.

It also causes an imbalance in your hydration. Instead of the excess water getting removed out of your body, it actually stays and makes you look puffy.


Maintaining your beauty takes more than just finding the right skin care products. You should also know how to take care of your skin from the inside.

These golden rules may sound complicated or even too hard to follow at first but once you get the hang of it, they’ll come naturally. Plus, seeing how these tips can get you that great clear skin you’ve always wanted is enough motivation for you to keep pushing forward.

There is no shortcut to natural beauty. It’s actually a commitment.


Most moles are harmless, but it is important to check them regularly to make sure they are not unusual-looking or new or changing.

“If you check your moles every few months, and you notice an unusual-looking or new or changing mole, it is important to get it checked by an expert without delay. Many people make the mistake of thinking skin cancer is trivial. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, affecting 1 in 10 people. Whilst caught early, Melanoma is easily treated – caught too late it can kill.  Rates of melanoma are increasing faster than any other cancer. The MOLE Clinic believe early detection would reduce the number of deaths drastically in the UK, which currently stands at over 2,000 per year (more than Australia).

“Early detection is key to saving lives, self-monitoring is key to prevention.

“Skin cancer is caused by UV damage done to your skin – either by too much sun or sun bed use. Even a sunburn in childhood can cause skin cancer in an adult. Generally, people are only usually aware about the risk of skin cancer when on holiday and the sun is shining. During winter months, our bodies are covered up more, meaning we are less likely to spot a mole that is a potential problem. Whilst skin cancer can affect anybody, lighter skinned people and those with lots of moles are at higher risk.

“Skin cancers have more chance to spread the longer they are left. By check your moles regularly and spotting any signs of change you can help detect any skin cancer early – which greatly improves prognosis. A change of size, shape and colour in moles may indicate skin cancer. Normal moles do change very gradually over years but more noticeable changes should be checked by an expert. Mole removal, whether of a suspicious mole or for cosmetic reasons is usually a quick, simple and painless procedure. It is done under local anaesthetic at a clinic such as The MOLE Clinic, where consultant dermatologists or surgeons advise on the most appropriate procedure to remove the mole.

“According to Skin Cancer Screening Nurse, Claire Crilly, at The MOLE Clinic (www.themoleclinic.co.uk), self-monitoring is easier than you think. Just follow the ‘ABCDE rule’ on what you should be looking out for.

  • A: Look for moles that are asymmetrical in shape, where one half of the mole is unlike the other
  • B: Does the mole have an irregular border? Is it scalloped, jagged or poorly defined?
  • C: Is the colour of the mole different from one area to another or does it have different shades of tan, brown or black?
  • D: Check the diameter of the mole to see if it is bigger than 7mm (about the size of the end of a pencil)
  • E: Is the mole evolving or changing size, shape or colour?

“It is really important to take note of ‘E’, as any mole that is evolving or changing needs to be examined by an expert like The MOLE Clinic right away. With skin cancer, only early detection saves lives – if you follow the above guidelines, it’s easy as ABCDE to keep your skin-health in check.”

Activewear hits popularity peak, despite 76% of women feeling it can be sexist

For Immediate Release

• The activewear industry is projected to hit £145 billion by 2020
• 89% of women have admitted to wearing sportswear when not doing exercise
• 18% of women have felt objectified when wearing sportswear
• Research revealed a 53% increase in the average price of gym wear for women compared to men

Sportswear as a fashion statement is soaring in popularity amongst women. The activewear industry is projected to   hit £145 billion by 2020. That’s up from £117 billion in 2015.

Golfsupport.com, a male and female golf apparel site, wanted to explore the ‘athleisure’ trend, and what women’s motives are for wearing it. To do this, they have looked at social media analytics, retail reports, different activewear brands, and conducted their own survey of over 1,700 female participants.

Women have their say about the craze.

What do women really think about the craze for all things ‘casual’, and what are their motivations for following it? Golfsupport.com have surveyed over 1,700 women, with the following discoveries:

• 89% of women have admitted to wearing sportswear outside the gym
• The majority of women wore activewear when lounging at home
• 5% of women have worn athleisure to work, and 2% on a night out.
• 75% felt sportswear was comfortable, and was the main reason for wearing it.
• 18% of women have felt objectified when wearing sportswear
• 76% of women felt female activewear can be sexist at times

Surprisingly, most women choose to wear athleisure because it is comfortable, rather than because it is fashionable. In fact, only 3% of females stated that fashion was what drove them to sport the trend.

Is sportswear sexist?

Wimbledon 2017 was filled with masterstrokes, skilful forehands and courageous performances from female players. Yet, instead of promoting this talent, the Women’s Tennis Association chose to focus on the best-dressed player in her ‘Wimbledon Whites’.

The survey by Golfsupport.com also revealed worrying attitudes to activewear. Results showed a number of women who felt objectified while wearing sportswear. There also seemed to be a consensus that sportswear could be sexist. Here are a few comments from respondents:

“I find that some of the pants are cut too low, they often don’t cover enough of my hips/waist area. They are also often very tight, some of the necklines are too low, I can’t run in them without feeling like I will fall out because they expose too much. I have received many “cat calls” or sexual comments from men in these outfits, playing sports or not.”

“I do believe that current trends are sexualising sportswear for women, such as sheer fabrics and panels. It’s unnecessary and completely unrelated to what it’s designed for – exercise!”

Looking at popular athleisure brands, like Lululemon or Sweaty Betty, it’s easy to see why women would feel this way. Sweaty Betty in particular have leggings labelled as ‘bum sculpting’, said to “give you an extra lift”, with “carefully placed seams, high stretch fabric and wide waistband [to] sculpt your best bum ever.” This shifts the focus of sportswear from performance, to how you look. A focus not found in male activewear.

Research also revealed that activewear is typically priced at a premium compared to other clothing types. Furthermore, upon investigation, Golfsupport.com discovered that women’s activewear carried a higher price tag than its male equivalent. Searching in the sub category “gym” of activewear on ASOS, it was found that the cost of an item averaged out at £18.52 for women, and only £12.13 for men.



Step Up Club- Women’s Career Hacks

How productive are you at work? Here’s a guess: when the going is good, you tick over like a well-oiled machine, but more often than not you’re struggling behind a wall of tiredness, low energy levels thanks to a diet propped up by sugary snacks rather than healthy berries, and too many emails pinging at you throughout the day.

Here’s the thing though, when we’re productive at work it makes us happier beings who, wait for it, are more successful too. Oh and highly productive types also enjoy themselves way more in their downtime. Why? Because they’re riding high on the satisfaction that goes hand-in-hand with working effectively and putting their careers into first gear.

The problem is, in today’s fast-paced, digitally switched on world many of us struggle to get the job done and our productivity languishes around our ankles. If this is you, take heart in the knowledge that you’re not alone. Which is why we’re putting productivity in the driving seat.  So British Summer Fruits have teamed up with Step Up Club to give their top work hacks for the best, most accomplished summer of your working life. Clue: you can start right now.

  1. KEEP A JOURNAL: You can’t make improvements to your productivity, unless you first make an assessment about how well you work, at which times of day and the triggers and obstacles to your own personal productivity odyssey. So, start by keeping a journal: choose one day, and divide it into half hourly slots.  Then, throughout the day, add in what you eat, what you achieve, the number of breaks you take and how you feel at the end. Once you have your own concrete evidence, positive change is so much easier.
  2. EMAIL MANAGEMENT: It’s first thing in the morning and you’re ready to accomplish greatness; you sit down at your computer and two hours later you realise you’ve been sucked into an email black hole. Emails are brilliant for speedy communication and terrible for productivity. We say, define a handful of specific daily email slots and otherwise switch the Inbox off. Then notice how you suddenly have time for strategic offline thinking and meetings with real people. A good idea, is to save your email thoughts for each person, and rather than send constant one liners – remember, every email you send creates an opening for a reply – collate a mega email to pop out of your inbox at the end of the day. Then, you’ll give yourself the gift of thinking time.
  3. BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY: A summer cold is one of the world’s cruellest tricks. It’s warm outside, but you’re cowering under blankets, managing a dripping nose and non-existent energy levels. Hack: instead of bingeing on Vitamin drinks that look healthy but are swamped with sugar and artificial ingredients, enjoy a punnet of fresh berries. Natural goodness on the go means less illness and an instant health boost – plus just 7 strawberries provide your recommended daily amount of vitamins.
  4. IDENTIFY YOUR SLUMP TIME: That part of the day when you feel like you’ve peaked too soon, but there’s still several hours left on the work clock: what to do? Well, research says that when we accomplish menial jobs, it gives us an instant energy boost. So, use your downtime effectively (filing anyone?!) and gift yourself an extra few hours of revved up productivity at the end of the day. Accomplishing even small tasks also delivers a happiness shot, which in our books is a win-win situation.
  5. BERRY POWER: Sugary snacks are one of productivity’s biggest enemies. Instantspike + crashing low = lethargy and discontent on all sorts of levels. Instead reach for the berries. Antioxidants + low calories + a steady release of energy = snack Utopia.  Berries are great sources of fibre, which means they will keep you fuller for longer.
  6. LUNCH BREAK RESSURECTION: Time away from your desk boosts your mood, energy and creativity. The result:an afternoon of profound productivity. So, remember to leave your desk, and even better get out in the open. Sunlight is a natural mood booster, and when we’re feeling good we work better and are more productive too.
  7. THE ONE POINT TO DO: Rather than suffering the insurmountable mountainof an on-going To Do list, chose one vital task to achieve each day. When we are able to score a work goal each day, it results in a continued sense of achievement. And achievement feeds into happy productivity. Done.
  8. EXERCISE: Being active boosts productivity. Fact.
  9. CALL TIME ON COFFEE: And tea for that matter. Caffeine causes the same energy spike and crash as sugar. Replace with fruit or a berry smoothie. Even water is better than a cheeky espresso, because proper rehydration actually sustains our bodies for longer.
  10. REPLACE BISCUITS WITH BERRIES:Biscuits and a boardroom are old pals. But they aren’t good friends. Yup it’s that sugar crash again, which combined with flip charts and a possibility of hours without any fresh air inevitably results in too many heavy eye lids. Instead, bring a punnet of berries to the table. Blueberries especially are the perfect working finger food. No mess, great taste and they are chocked full of goodness. Did you know that blueberries are consistently ranked as one of the most anti-oxidant rich foods amongst fruit and vegetables? We told you they were special.
  11. SLEEP. AND THEN SLEEP SOME MORE: When we sleep better, we’re more productive. So how to get the best sleep?Start by switching off the smartphone at least two hours before bed – a proven a relaxant. Then, head up early. Also, don’t fret about your sleep. When we get hung up on being a bad sleeper, it makes us feel more tired. So don’t worry about a bit of tiredness, change your rhetoric and bounce into work whatever your night’s been like.


TOP 14 Mother’s Day gifts UNDER £100!

By Sunny Andrea @MrsSunnyAndrea

With Mothers Day fast approaching, we all know how important it is to show our mum and loved ones just how much they mean to us and a little gift is always a lovely gesture. Here are my top 14 gift ideas for 2017 that will go down a treat, all for under £100 each.


I can’t think of a better present for all mums out there and the perfect excuse for a slice of cake! This pretty 950ml coffee pot (works well with tea too!) is a stunning piece of kitchenware, and decorated brightly with woodland animals would sit perfectly in any kitchen. Why not treat your mum to this lovely gift from the Wild and Wolf Folklore collection and have her relax with a lovely fresh brewed pot of tea or coffee. The pot is made from enamel (white) and is best suited for hand washing. The pot has an RRP price of £22.99 and is available to purchase online via https://www.flamingogifts.co.uk

Victoria secrets –  KISS FRAGRANCE MIST

I simply fall in love each time I spray this and it’s by far one of the most gorgeous scents I have smelt in a while. Brought to you by the sassy world recognised Victoria Secrets brand, the ‘KISS’ Fragrance Mist is perfect for any handbag as this compact 250ml spray bottle will have you smelling a true goddess with only a few sprays over your body. The VS collection is classy, sophisticated and perfect for mums of all ages. There’s a fragrance for all that’s very long lasting on the skin and is priced at £9.99, it’s a bargain gift! Available to purchase online from Beauty Base at https://www.beautybase.com



Fancy something gorgeous and simply adorable for your mum. Impress her with this beautifully stunning fairy ballerina pendant and necklace by Ted Baker. Decorated in rose gold plating and enriched with Swarovski crystal, this pendant necklace is one not to be missed. The ballerina dress comes in a variety of colours and is of delicate material but the detailing is perfect. A great gift for any mum and one that is guaranteed to make her smile! Priced at £79.00, this precious piece is available from Ted Baker in store or online from their website at http://www.tedbaker.com


If your after something more sophisticated for your mum, I recently came across some beautiful watches from Lord. These timepieces ooze style and are made at the highest quality with an affordable price tag. The Classic Silver Ladies is a simple yet elegant watch that Impressively withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 30 meters and has a stainless silver strap. The watch dial is of ivory white colour and comes with a 24 month warranty. The watch is presented in a smart black box case, priced at £60.00 and available to purchase online via https://www.lordtimepieces.com


Every women wants to look their best and from Braun comes this gorgeous limited edition Face Spa. Not only does it cleanse and exfoliate your skin but there is also the epilator function where it rids any tiny, pesky facial hairs for up to 4 weeks in a tidy and painless manner. The Braun face spa is a perfect multi function spa treat for mums that will leave them glowing and the Braun Face is 200 times faster than manual tweezers for ridding unwanted facial hair. It’s very easy to use for any first timers and is totally safe too. This product is priced at £99.99 and is available via boots online at www.boots.com


Samsonite are known for their high quality luggage cases and if your anything like me, young at heart, with kids and loving Disney, then this item is a must for your household! Samonsite have brought out a gorgeous range of cabin size, IATA approved luggage cases from the Disney collection. The case is made from 100% polyester and is an upright on 2 wheels making it super easy to manoeuvre around. A favourite of mine is the stylish Minnie Mouse themed case and with the iconic face on the front – this case is just perfectly magical. This case is priced at £89.00. For more on the complete collection, checkout the Samsonite website at http://www.samsonite.co.uk/disney-ultimate/


We all know how important our skin is and so using a top quality brand such as Elemis is definitely worth a look in. This fabulous brand has the ideal night cream for mums, packed with goodness and perfect for fighting anti ageing but superb for ensuing your skin is glowing, regenerated and radiant. This cream is highly recommended in the beauty world and is best used for firming skin and smoothing out any lines. A little pea sized amount used daily at night goes along way for this 50ml tub. Priced at £95.00, this night cream is available directly from http://www.elemis.com/pro-collagen-oxygenating-night-cream.html

Natural Vine Wines – NATURAL WINES

Natural Vine wines produces some fantastic tasting wines hailing from France and Italy with tastes for all, from reds, whites to rose wines there is a bottle that’s suited for all mums. This to me is a perfect present and something that shouts perfection, sophistication and class. Why not get your mum a lovely bottle of wine and let her sit back, relax and enjoy. These wines are very exclusive – you won’t find them in any supermarkets and even better to state, they are made of natural ingredients, so no synthetic chemical products used in the vineyards. There is a superb collection of wines on offer from Natural Vine and the bottles are priced very affordable with prices.   A favourite of mine is the Guido Gualandi Rosato IGT Toscana 2013 which originates from Tuscany, Italy. The taste is very pleasant, with a mixture of rope red fruits and citrus flavours. This Rose wine is full bodied and quite dry but lovely with any meal and with each sip leaving you wanting more. It’s priced at £15.70 and the wine comes in a 75cl bottle and contains 13.5% in terms of ABV. For more on Natural Vine Wines, checkout their complete selection via their website at https://www.naturalvine.co.uk


This is perfect for the home and something that will not only relax someone but leave a gorgeous fragrance all around the home. I love all things fragrant but this diffuser has to be mentioned as the lemongrass and ginger scent is simply delicious! The diffuser oils are the finest ones used and ones with holistic ingredients to ensure you are fully able to relax and enjoy this product to the maximum. Max Benjamin produce top quality hand made products from Ireland and also have candles alongside the diffusers. The diffuser should last upto 4 months and includes the reed sticks within the gift package. I have found the diffuser to be very rich in terms of a scent that lasts and one that isn’t too overpowering but that can definitely be smelt so you know it’s there and doing a fab job. The product is priced at £30.00 and can be purchased online from the fabulous Hurn & Hurn online, but for more on the product, checkout their website at https://www.hurnandhurn.com/max-benjamin-lemongrass-ginger-fragrance-diffuser-gift-box-p5397


I know many mums like nothing more than a good snack on some lovely great quality tasting cheese and crackers – So, this brand is a must to shout about. Wyke Farms have over 150 years of experience in making cheese and what a collection of stunning cheddars they have, so whether you like smoked, creamy, vintage, mature or other styles of cheese, packed in 300g bags, there is certainly one for the cheese loving mums out there. If one if just not enough (and in most cases, it never is as cheese is so well love), then I’d definitely suggest the Core Trio collection which gives you x3 300g packets of cheese (1x Mature and Creamy Cheddar, 1x Extra Mature and Delicious Cheddar, 1x Vintage and Scrumptious Cheddar) to enjoy! The Core Trio is priced at £12.00. Another option for you, should you want to combine the cheese, oat cakes, tasty relish and tipple in one, there is the Somerset Gift Box. This beautiful product is the perfect all in one box for any mum and is priced at a very affordable £22.00. For more on the Wyke Farms brand and their collection, checkout their website at https://wykefarms.com


Crabtree & Evelyn – LA SOURCE COLLECTION

Why not give your mum a helping hand with some goodies from Crabtree & Evelyn. This gorgeous brand have brought out the La Source collection which is seeming extremely popular and is perfect as it brings the luxury spa world right to your doorstep. I love the Warming Foot Smoother as this 150g miracle tube is a total multi tasked. The cream warms, exfoliates and smoothed feet in one you go and is super easy to use. Always prep feet by washing them with warm water and then apply a small amount of the product onto the feet in a circular motion and rinse. Instantly the feet should feel more renewed, softer and just more relaxed and softer overall. The cream is made from natural ingredients and anti oxidants. Priced at just £17.00, the cream is a must and perfect for mums on the go! Wanting something for mums hard worked hands, then checkout the photo La Source Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy. It’s pure luxury with nothing but goodness and will really leave the skin feeling nourished, soothes and restored. The hand therapy is priced at £23.00. For more on Crabtree & Evelyn and their new collection, checkout their website at http://www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk


Baylis & Harding are the luxury fragrance and beauty brand that are well worth a look at with great prices too! They have relaunched their royale bouquet handwash collection which with some gorgeous limited edition design pump bottles and pretty floral 3D designs. These newly designed hand washes come in three different fragrances which are Lilac and English Lavender, Lemon Blossom and White Rose and lastly Rose and Honeysuckle. These really are beautiful smelling hand washes and they do leave a luscious after scent and leave hands feeling moisturised and soft. A great collection of hand washes that will fit perfectly into any home. These limited edition pastel, floral designed washes are priced at £5.00, are 450ml in size (which is bigger than your standard premium brand of hand washes)  and are available to purchase in store from House of Fraser and online via their website at http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk. For more on Baylis & Harding and the collections, head over to their website at https://baylisandharding.com


I have to say that home style manicures are becoming more and more popular and what better than to treat your mum to some gorgeous coloured gel effect nail polishes from Maggie Anne. The most important thing about these polishes is that they are free from the 6 toxins meaning that they do not  the nasty chemicals that many  polishes have in them. These polishes are also a lot easier to apply in the sense that no UV/LED lamps are required and no base coats are required yet they still leave your nails looking gorgeously shiny and staying perfectly coated for roughly 5-7 days when applying their ‘Shine Like A Star’ topcoat. This stunning and innovative brand has a massive range of shades and come in 11ml bottles. The polishes are very reasonably priced at £10.50 each which is worth every penny as this polish does last and you really do achieve a great end result of a gel polish manicure done in the comfort of your own home. I love the bright shades and for this Spring season, I would highly recommend shades Ava and Jessy. For more on Maggie Anne, checkout their website at https://www.maggieanne.co.uk

Hot Tools Professional – THE CURLBAR (32mm)

This beautiful product is perfect for creating pretty, long lasting curls. For me, creating curls has always been something that I’ve wanted to do yet always seem to have struggled but with this new curl bar from Hot Tools Professional, it really makes my life a lot easier and I’m surprised at the time it took, which wasn’t long at all. With its digital temperature face, you will find that this curlbar has 8 temperature settings ranging from 160 – 230 degrees centigrade. The luxury part of this product is that the wand part of the curlbar is coated in 24k gold on the surface and this wand provides perfectly even heat distribution which means every curl will be the same and have that long lasting effect to them. Once heated to your preferred temperature, you can rest assured that the temperature stays fixed at all times. The product is very easy to work with and has a long cable (3m) which is tangle free and  also has a sleep mode after 60min for your safety. The product can be used all over the globe as has a worldwide voltage and the curlbar will let you know when it’s heating up and when it’s ready to use. This product is available in 2 sizes but this 32mm bar is ideal for long hair and perfect for vesting bouncy curls. It’s priced at £99.99 but worth every penny to have any mum looking like the perfect goddess. For more on Hot Tools and their complete collection, checkout their website at http://www.hottools.com/en-gb/