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Leading Seaweed Startup Seamore Launches Crowdfunding Campaign.

Seamore has had and great start winning numerous awards and creating a market for seaweed as an everyday food. Seamore has successfully launched seaweed product alternatives to pasta, bacon and wraps, fueled by massive global publicity. With still a lot more opportunities, Seamore has launched a crowdfunding campaign. With the hope to create the future of food faster and bring it to more people!

Seamore crowdfund-campaign is now live! The campaign just launched on Symbid Join the revolution Here!

So Why Seamore!

Seamore is a brand passionate about creating seaweed alternatives to your everyday foods. Changing the way we eat, for a healthier, more sustainable future. As the driving force behind the brand, Seamore’s founder Willem Sodderland is on a mission to create Seaweed alternatives that offer great taste, high nutrition and help the planet.

So why the need for change? As the population is sure to keep expanding at an unsustainable rapid rate,  the most important question is ‘how are we going to keep feeding everyone?’ as an estimate, 9 billion people will be on the planet by 2050. Realistically there isn’t going to be enough land to produce that amount of food, specifically if we continue to mistreat the land the way we do. So, whilst we have been crying out for the answers for years this is all about the change in the form of seaweed.

Seamore has already successfully launched their award-winning ‘I Sea Pasta’ and ‘I Sea Bacon’.

‘I Sea Pasta’

I Sea Pasta

As natures very own ready-made pasta, I Sea Pasta is a low carb alternative that is full of rich, natural goodness, with 50% of your daily vegetables, 80% fewer calories and packed full of iodine, iron and Omega3. Packed high in fibre, is gluten-free, organic and sustainable for your planet. It’s time to listen to your body and give yourself the nutrients it deserves while sharing it with those around you.

I Sea Pasta is available from Planet Organic for £5.99.

‘I Sea Bacon’


I Sea Bacon from Seamore is a healthy seaweed alternative, reinventing and refining a much loved classic. This wild seaweed is hand-picked from the rocks in France and isn’t artificially flavoured, nature has created this wonderful seaweed variety to taste just like bacon.

It’s perfect for anything from sandwiches to salads, offering a range of nutritional benefits and a delicious salty, smoky kick with added crunch. I Sea Bacon is also: organic, gluten-free, low in carbs, vegan-friendly and is highly sustainable. Watch as the gorgeous purple leaves flourish into a deliciously golden green mouth-watering delight in seconds. You can see some delicious I Sea Bacon recipes on the Seamore website

I Sea Bacon is available online from Seamore for £6.95 which includes a whole 75g of deliciousness the equivalent of 10 servings.

Soon To Come!

Seamore I Sea WrapSeamore is thrilled to announce that they have just won the “New Food and Drink Product of the Year” award at the Food Matters Live Show for their I Sea Wraps. The I Sea Wraps contain 50% seaweed and are due to be launched in the next coming weeks.

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