IYEARA reveal debut cinematic single/video ‘Enclosure’

IYEARA present dark wave, post globalisation dystopia in a coat of analogue electronica and hacked widescreen visuals. The brand-new London trio is formed of The Duke Spirit guitarist Toby Butler, producer Malcom Carson and vocalist Paul O’Keefe.

Of late, the group have been lending their hands to track remixes for the likes of Paris Youth Foundation, Simon Raymonde’s Lost Horizons and more recently, Laura Marling’s LUMP – ‘pulling tracks into dark alleyways filled with the glow of flickering neon lights. The glitchy beats and new wave synths open up a world of untold possibilities’.

IYEARA are ready to unveil their debut single ‘Enclosure’; a triumph of twisted electronica that swells towards a climactic drama of grandeur guitars and ethereal vocals. Of the track, singer O’Keefe added: “‘Enclosure’ is what we share and what we mean to each other, it’s the passage of life, and the fight to accept the past and the pains of loss, regret and of the struggle of forever looking back.”

The single is out now via TrES-2b Recordings and accompanied by a cinematic video derived from 2013 short ‘The Old Samurai’ by Benjamin Wong. “A part of our artistic vision is the marriage of music and visual art and Ben was cool enough to let us interpret his work in music video form which instantly puts the music in a cinematic context that effortlessly lifts it off the screen.”


IYEARA’s debut live show will be supporting Joycut at the Pickle Factory on the 5th November.