Mamma Vita Mia – ‘Mother, My Life’

World premiere of Documentary Film On Neapolitan Tattoo Culture At The International London Tattoo Convention

Mamma Vita Mia is a documentary film about the incredible phenomena that has influenced society over the past 50 years -the art of tattooing.

Mamma vita mia personaggi giuseppe di vaioThe exclusive world premiere screening of Mamma Vita Mia- the real Neapolitan Camorra, will be held at The International London Tattoo Convention on the28-30th September 2018, Tobacco Dock, London.

This award-winning film is an introspective journey through the culture of tattoos in Naples, which reveals the criminal origins of the phenomenon and the psychosocial impact.  A vision to the last century into the social metamorphosis of today.

Filmed between Naples and Procida Island Prison, it features candid interviews with a range of former inmates, from robbers and killers to elders of the Camorra, the Neopolitan mafia.  Their stories divulge the dark reasons that Naples has the highest rate of humans tattooed in the world.

The title is itself a prison tattoo – translating as ‘mother, my life’, the tattoo is one worn by almost every prisoner. These prison markers, badges representing a life of crime and affinity to one particular gang are explored and their significance revealed-‘The Little Fish’ identifies a trusted person, ‘ Two Eyes’, to trust no one here and the tattoo of the leader, ‘Ace of Wands’ as found in Italian playing cards.

Mamma Vita Mia won the EntoFilmFest in Italy. The film was made by Neapolitan tattoo artist Braian Anastasio, who has inked many Camorra men and provided invaluable contacts with the film’s subjects, director and photographer were Giuseppe Di Vaio.

The accompanying soundtrack featuring Neapolitan artists such as Franco Ricciardi (two-time David Donatello winner), Fuossera, O’Iank and Pino Ciccarelli.

“Mamma Vita Mia” is a co-production “Naples Photo Project Production” “MG Film” and “BTF Tattoo Studio” in collaboration with Tattoo Life Magazine.

World Premiere at The International London Tattoo Convention 28-30th September 2018

Tobacco Dock, The Dock, Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, London. E1W 2SF

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