Aysegul Coles

Aysegul Coles Born in Turkey – 1965 Master’s degree in the History of Art&Sculpture, Eskişehir, Turkey. B. A in Sculpture, Mimar Sinan Academy of Fine Arts, İstanbul, Turkey.


1989 2.Prize International Sculpture Competition
1990 Sculpture exhibition, Istanbul
1991 Sculpture exhibition, “Resim Heykel Müzesi” IST.
1992 Sculpture exhibition, “French High School” IST.
2000 Sculpture exhibition, Canterbury, UK
2002 Sculpture exhibition, Whistable, UK
2003 “Artist Open House Exhibition” Whitstable, UK
2006 “My Garden Sculpture Exhbition” Whistable,UK
2007 International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 “Artist Open House Exhibition” Whitstable ,UK
2011 An Exhibition By 4 Women Artists Whitstable,UK
2012 An Exhibition “Different World” Whitstable
2013 “Artist Open House Exhibition”Whitstable
2013 Exhibition” With Four Friends” Whitstable
2013 Lauderdale House, London
2014 “Artist Open House Exhibition” Whitstable
2015 Exhibition, Horsebridge,Whitstable
2016 “Oyster Festival” Whitstable
2016 “Artist Open House” Whitstable
2017 Solo Exhibition, Fish Slab gallery, Whitstable
2017 “Istanbul meets London” Strand gallery,London

Charcoal drawings

Wood carving, seven fingers

Woman head,Limestone


The Princess and the Movie Director Grace Kelly

Written by: Cyriaque Griffon
Photographs: Solange Podell

She flaunted a legendary radiant smile and an unparalleled beauty. She also symbolized the epitome of an elegance that remains unrivalled. From a Hollywood silver screen siren to a status of the princess, her life started like a fairy tale or a Disney production. The story ended tragically on 13 September 1982. For the thirty-fifth anniversary of her passing, FAB UK wanted to pay tribute to the one who illuminated the screens of the movie theatres and then the Monaco scenery. Her star will shine forever in the firmament. She had a first name that suited her perfectly: Princess Grace of Monaco.

The then based New York photographer Solange Podell was selected among 3,000 candidates and won a round-trip to go and cover the Cannes film festival in 1972. She took there her now the most famous picture of Princess Grace of Monaco. She captured a magical moment to such an extent that the roundtrip ticket rapidly turned into a one-way ticket! Princess Grace liked the photos and wanted Solange to work for her. Solange settled in Monaco and became one of the few official photographers for the Principality. Over 5,000 of Solange’s photos are now archived at the Palace of the Principality for their historical value. This photo of Grace Kelly and the movie director Alfred Hitchcock deserves a story.

Hitchcock’s masterpieces of suspense often have a blonde in the forefront. Among them in the most memorable scenes, there was Tippi Hedren and her bouffant hairdo messed up by scary crows in the terrifying attic of  The Birds.

Janet Leigh had a short life in the shower of a bleak motel in the landmark thriller  Psycho and its screeching music. The schizophrenic and suicidal Kim Novak jumped from the top of a cursed bell tower in the final scene of Vertigo.

Eva MarieSaint is remembered for her suspenseful cliffhanger scene in  North by Northwest. But there was another blonde who they say was undoubtedly Hitch’s most notable and iconic blonde: Grace Kelly. When she went to the French Riviera in 1955 for the shooting of  To catch a thief, co-starring Cary Grant, she had already acted in two of Hitchcock’s movies, Dial M for Murder and Rear window. While in France for her third movie with Hitch, she met Prince Rainier of Monaco. She left Hollywood to marry her prince and was committed to her new life in Monaco.

In the early sixties, she was Hitchcock’s first choice to play the title role in  Marnie and she longed for the day she would resume her acting career. Yet, the Principality objected to her appearing in a film as she was by then Princess Grace and thus had to be committed to her new title role: the Princess of Monaco. She subsequently had to turn down the role of the frigid kleptomaniac woman which would be offered to Tippi Hedren.

Grace Kelly never returned to the screen. She came out of friendship to meet her mentor who was at the Cannes film festival in 1972. Her final scene for Hitchcock was on the red carpet. To capture their reunion, the photographer Solange Podell, behind her camera, stood in for the movie maker.

Meet Nisha Kalema

Having won BEST ACTRESS for the past two years at the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) and currently nominated as Uganda’s MOST POPULAR ACTRESS in the DELTA TV Viewers’ Choice Movie Awards, Nisha Kalema dominates the Ugandan film industry.

Now Nisha is going international and launching her campaign for the 2019 BEST FOREIGN PICTURE Academy Award. Ms Kalema plans to turn her multi-award-winning movie FREEDOM (2016), which was made in English, into an Oscar competing ‘Foreign Language’ movie in time for consideration at the 2019 Academy Awards.

Photo: Giulio Molfese

Nisha Kalema wrote the screenplay for FREEDOM; earned the 2016 BEST ACTRESS award at the UFF for her starring role as orphan Amelia and assistant directed the movie. She plans to direct the Oscar competing remake using the Ugandan vernacular Luganda instead of English.

The first step in Nisha Kalema’s audacious plan is a stage version of the movie, which she is bringing to the 70th Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London’s Bernie Grant Arts Centre, in August, directed by veteran director, actor and author Ray Shell. She intends to get noticed by backers.

At twenty-three years old Nisha Kalema is also an entrepreneur with a global vision. Seeing movies like Disney’s FROZEN make as much money from merchandising as from box office, Nisha decided that her latest script, HIJAB COOL, would not only give birth to a movie; but also, to merchandise.

“I’ve realised that to sustain and build my career I must have “passive income generators”; money-making stuff that does not require my physical presence. I’ve therefore partnered with others to create my own trademarked Hijab Cool™ product lines, which so far encompass fashion, cosmetics and toys.”

“There are not many positive movie roles for Hijab wearing Muslim women. The storyline for HIJAB COOL could as easily have been portrayed by girls in mini-skirts and belly-tops it’s about a fashion model who trades the catwalk for the boxing ring to investigate the role a shady boxing trainer in her sister’s death. But I’m a young Muslim woman and see no reason why a Muslim woman, modestly dressed and veiled, can’t be an action heroine in a high drama thriller, so the fashion model is Muslim. There will be dolls!” explains Nisha.

Beny Beinomugisha Popie

Nisha Kalema wants to kill off the erroneous stereotype of the young Muslim woman forced to wear a Hijab against her will and change the perverse perception of the Hijab wearing Muslim woman being a Jihadi bride or terrorists in the name of a twisted interpretation of Islam. Nisha Kalema wants the world to know that young Hijab wearing Muslim women, like her, are cool.

Watch out! There could be more than one Oscar for Ms Kalema in 2019. Insha’ Allah.

For Edinburgh Fringe Festival tickets visit:
For Bernie Grant Arts Centre tickets visit:

Paul Newman Blue eyes and politics

Photographer: Solange Podell
Article: Cyriaque Griffon

This quote could have been taken from a newspaper dated November 2016, referring to the run-up to the U.S. elections and iconic figures either supporting Hillary Clinton such as Meryl Streep, Beyonce, Cher and Madonna, or Donald Trump with celebs like Mike Tyson, Chuck Norris, Paul “Hulk” Hogan, Clint Eastwood, Jean-Claude Vandamme and Kirstie Alley.This quote is taken from the Time weekly magazine issue dating May 1968 though. And that was already true at a time when celebrity participation in the presidential primary and general elections of the United States reached an unprecedented level.

Pretty like today, the Hollywood participation was prominent among Democrats but also a key factor in the Republican races. Eugene McCarthy announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party for the White House. Facing him, Richard Nixon was campaigning on the Republican side. In the years 1967 – 1968, there was a boiling caldron of social issues and political unrestliken ever before. The students and the hippies would demonstrate on the streets and Luther King had just been assassinated. One of the Democrats’ main issues was opposing the war raging in Vietnam. The most important Hollywood star who came out for the Democratic Senator McCarthy was Paul Newman. The then novice photographer Solange Podell just happened to beat the right place at the right time to take a series of unforgettable snapshots of Newman when the actor was committed to supporting the Democrat candidate. The scene took place at the St-Regis, the most opulent and grand hotel in New York. This legendary hotel had, among his most famous residents, Salvador Dali. The artist would spend his winters there. This was the place where Marilyn Monroe stayed had when filming the famous subway grate scene in The seven-year sitch. St-Regis Hotel, New York, 1968

I was told that Paul Newman was about to come to the St-Regis Hotel and attend a cocktail reception held in support of the Democratic senator McGovern in the primary elections, Solange recalls. I was sent to the St-Regis by the famous American photographer Santi Visalli (who worked for Photoreporters agency).When I arrived, there he was, standing in front of me. He was as smart and handsome as I had expected, wearing an elegant dark suit with a bowtie, holding a glass in one hand. A screen legend with one of the most magnetic piercing steel blue eyes in movie history. On that day, that was for me a wonderful opportunity to take a series of photos.

I remember that dark-haired female reporter in a blue dress with a notepad in one hand. She seemed to be clumsy when asking questions and Newman did not bother really. As he was well educated he pretended to be interested in her questions. Yet, he started looking around, obviously feeling like doing one thing, getting away from that journalist. And when he caught my eyes, I caught his eyes too and started snapping away at him. His piercing look made me think of a « call for help.On that day, I had a little bit the sentiment that I had helped him in some way, enabling him to get away from the reporter.

McGovern lost in the primaries and Newman went on supporting the elected Democrat McCarthy. The latter lost. That earned Newman a charter list on the new elected Republican President Richard Nixon’s Enemies List, right at number 19!



Nataniel’s key ingredients for success

Interview and article by Cyriaque Griffon
Photographs: Clinton Lubbe (except photo with castle: Erik Le Roux) / Costumes :
Floris Louw / Makeup: Lyn Kennedy

Not only has the singer Nataniel been an iconic figure of the South African entertainment industry for thirty years, but he is a genuine show-business all-rounder. He has released numerous albums, staged many original theatre productions and published books. He has just shot the third season of his TV cuisine show in western France. It will be broadcast soon in South Africa. Singer, producer, designer, playwright, TV show host… He is such a multifaceted artist that we can wonder if there was anything he cannot do ! One thing is for sure : « We work like dogs » as he says. Nataniel tells us more about the subtle ingredients that make up his recipe for success. To start with, he was hit by a tidal wave of emotions.

You are an accomplished performer. What is your background ? « I was trained as a classical concert pianist but when listening to the American singer Patti LaBelle in the mid-80s, that was a big shock, a revelation. I was overwhelmed by her vocal range. That was so inspirational for me that this marked a crucial turning point in my career as a singer.»

You have a flair for stage production and you boast an outstanding collection of costumes…

« When I am on stage, I never live the stage. In South Africa, when the audience comes and see an artist, you have to stay on stage non-stop. Moreover, my trademark is the magic of my costumes. Apart from advertising a bit for the shows, my policy is to avoid photos of the shows so that there is no spoiler at all. I want the audience to be stunned when discovering the costumes for the first time in front of their very eyes. Light is also extremely important to me. I like working the old fashion way with spotlights to create a surprise. Like an apparition so that the figure stands out in the dark. Not too much technology. What I also like in South Africa is that we have outstanding theatres. They are reputed worldwide and foreign perfomers like them because of their layout and their big dressing rooms. Last but not least; there are eleven official languages in South Africa. Hence, a smaller target audience. You need thus to work fast and innovate all the time. You start a stage production and you start thinking about the next one. »

You also have a passion for food and host a TV show about cuisine. The third season will be broadcast soon in South Africa. Why do you use Nantes city as a decor and why this particular love for western France?

« My passion for food comes from my grand-mother. Her door was always open for people to come and eat. Mouthwatering flavours would smell all the time. I had published several books about cooking. They asked me « Why don’t you do cooking TV shows ? ». The series was so successful that we decided to add three seasons in France. My brother had also settled in Nantes, France to marry a French woman. But most of all, this series in France was a way to pay tribute to my ancestors and the French protestants known as the Huguenots. The edict that was signed in Nantes 400 years ago granted the protestants the right to practice their religion without persecution from the State. When the edict was revoked, the Huguenots left France in the 17th century to flee religious persecutions and settled in South Africa. Among those settlers, there was a man whose last name was Leroux, which is my name. I am a descendant from a Huguenot. There is a part of my blood and my roots here. I had to come to Nantes to shoot the series. This is something very special. And now the circle is complete. »

What a combination of factors indeed ! There is no doubt that for Nataniel not only is this a travel back to his roots in a vibrant city with a host of cultural events and a thrilling history, but it is also the final dash of flavor for his unique formula and his cocktail of creativity. He pays great attention to every single detail for the shooting of each episode, whether it is the colour or the choice for dishes. A TV food show is like for him a stage production ; you have to reinvent yourself permanently to mesmerize the audience. The truth is, Nataniel does this wonderfully well!


(Nataniel’s 3rd season of the « Edik van Nantes » series to be broadcast from October 2017 on kykNET TV. His last CD album « One day in a castle » has just been released.)


Louis Jourdan

Does the name Louis Jourdan ring a bell to you ? If not, ask your grand-mother and she will go wobbly at the knees instantly ! With his delicate features, Jourdan is still the epitome of the handsome debonair French lover. He co-starred in movies with iconic figures such as Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, and many more.

Louis Jourdan was spotted by the U.S. movie mogul David O. Selznick and headed for Hollywood right after the Second World War. He embodied either the ideal beau and soon to be son-in-law or the heartthrob that would cunningly blend smooth-talking and good-boy attitude. The fear of being typecast as the charming playboy made him quickly uncomfortable with his status of exotic and suave Hollywood sex-symbol. He tried to avoid the cliché and managed to assert himself in a darker role when he debued on Broadway. He was then cast as Doris Day’s villainous psychotic husband in the movie « Julie » and years later in « Octopussy » with Roger Moore as James Bond. The musicals « Gigi » and « Can-Can », co-starring Frank Sinatra and Shirley Maclaine contributed to him having his star on the Walk of Fame.

The TV presenter and author Olivier Minne

Olivier Minne, who has been the leading presenter of numerous shows on French TV for the past twenty years, including the popular game « Fort Boyard », is fascinated by Louis Jourdan’s career. Olivier had the idea of doing something nobody had done before : writing Jourdan’s biography. Never would Olivier have thought that the day he went and knocked at the former actor’s door, the latter, who had been living in seclusion for years in his home in Beverly Hills, would open his door and accept to tell Olivier about his life. From the day they first met in 2010 until Jourdan’s death five years later, they would spend entire afternoons and evenings talking. When entering a timewarp home filled with souvenirs and memories, Olivier unburied a fascinating time capsule. That was also the beginning of a real friendship with Jourdan who would often turn off his TV when one of his movies was broadcast. Jourdan had a Don Juan image in his films but remained married to his long time French wife for almost 70 years. He chafed at being pigeonholed as a Lothario but, true to his Valentine’s image, the Hollywood’s favourite French lover passed away on Saint Valentine’s Day in 2015 at the age of 93.

The biography does not only paint a comprehensive portrait of Jourdan, it also depicts Hollywood’s star-making machinery. Well written and perfectly documented, Olivier Minne’s book is definitely worth reading.

Article by Cyriaque Griffon

Rosemary Lloyd Miss Earth Air 2017

Rosemary Lloyd waited 7 years to compete in Miss Earth UK She is the current title holder Miss Earth Air 2017 & the young role model of the year 2017. 

Rosemary is a 24-year-old female based in London. She is of Scottish Welsh, Irish, French and  Italian descent, Her resume is one of many that would impress anybody. Rosemary is a multi award winning model and beauty queen winning various titles.  Rosemary also is an actress, entrepreneur, and ambassador for the Disabled international foundation on Sierra Leone. As the current title holder Miss earth Air 2017 Rosemary waited 7 years to compete in Miss Earth UK finals due to her life threatening illness, now fully recovered, she endlessly campaigns for environmental protection for humans and animals.

The advocacy she stands for is “Humans depend on the planet to survive, but the Earth depends on us to save it”  Rosemary is currently campaigning on reducing co2 emissions, conserving fuel and electricity.  ,  Between competing in pageants, Rosemary runs her own cosmetic bussiness named Rosemary’s Dimension in collaboration with raising money to vitameal which is a food supplement that feeds malnourished children in third world countries such as Africa, and also completing a part time degree in psychology.  But for Rosemary her past wasn’t all plain sailing, from the age of 1 her mother abandoned her leaving her father to raise her and her sister.  When Rosemary’s father became unwell, they had no choice but to place Rosemary in foster care Where Rosemary became a victim of child abuse. After after a traumatic time, moving back with her father Rosemary battled a life threatening illness anorexia nervosa m. Now recovered, she said I started to seek solace in pageantry and modelling to help me overcome the trauma it was exceptionally beneficial to my self-confidence and self-healing, I always dreamed of competing in Miss Earth it was an ultimate goal  of mine, I loved what they stand for it was the pageant that really made me feel like a survivor and a non-quitter instead of a victim.  I recommend Miss Earth to anyone”.

Crafting  a career as a beauty queen, Rosemary became title holders of:

Miss Earth London 2017

Miss Sponsors choice Great Britain 2017

Miss London Borough eternal UK 2013

Miss London Borough UK 2012

Miss Most elegant UK 2012

Miss Camden 2012


Rosemary has supported numerous charities such as Beauties with a cause, Beauty with a Purpose, Red Cross and Teenage Cancer Trust’.

Rosemary also this year acted in a Punjabi Film called welcome to England playing a mayors daughter coming out in Cinemas this November. A fun fact of Rosemary is she also has published four “Love Potion”, “Springtime”, “The Girl by me”  and “Illusion”.

Rosemarys hobbies are singing, modeling, acting, ballet and charity work   Rosemary believes  “A great beauty queen should be the embodiment of strength with the ability to listen and empathize with those who feel they don’t have a voice. My proudest moment has not only been a grand finalist for Miss Earth UK placing as Miss Earth Air 2017 and waiting seven years for this dream to come true but also fighting and overcoming my life threatening illness and never giving up. I would say there is no such thing as failure everything is simply a rehearsal until we reach our end goal”.

Australian l’Alpina sponsor French open WHEELCHAIR SINGLES and wimbledon doubles champion alfie hewett

As Alfie Hewett prepares for his Gentleman’s Wheelchair singles match against Frenchman Nicholas Peifer at The Championship at Wimbeldon, Italian tennis and lifestyle clothing brand Australian L’Alpina are delighted to announce they have become his new exclusive clothing and apparel sponsor.

Hewett, 2016 Rio double silver Paralympian, 2017 French Open wheelchair singles champion, 2016 Wimbledon wheelchair doubles champion and world No.6, and joins former Davis Cup player James Wards as the latest tennis star to join the ranks of Australian L’Alpina sponsored players.

UK Australian L’Alpina Managing Director Peter Coulstock comments:  “We are delighted to be sponsoring Alfie. At still only nineteen years of age, Alfie has achieved an outstanding amount of success. We hope that our clothing and apparel sponsorship will support him further and help him to achieve greater things in his career going forward. We wish him the best of luck at The Championships this year.”


The nineteen year old hails from Norfolk and was born with a congenital heart defect, Tetralogy of Fallot. Alfie underwent open-heart surgery at six months old and was diagnosed with Perthes Disease at the age of six. Alfie started playing wheelchair tennis in 2005 after attending a Tennis Foundation training camp. He played his first tournament in 2008 and was selected to represent Great Britain at the ITF’s European Junior Wheelchair Tennis Camp.

On his new sponsorship deal, Hewett said:  “I am so proud to be sponsored by Australian L’Alpina. The company has a long and prestigious reputation and heritage in professional tennis and it’s amazing to be one of the names amongst the likes of Ivan Lendl, Goran Ivanisevic and Paolo Lanzini.”


Hewett will debut his new Australian L’Alpina kit at The Championships at Wimbledon during the Gentleman’s Wheelchair Grand Slam. The Briton, who has formed a formidable partnership with World No.2 Gordon Reid, is going into this year’s The Championships at Wimbledon in very good form after becoming the first British wheelchair player in history to win the French Open.

After trying on his Wimbledon whites for the first time at the National Training Center in Roehampton, Hewett said:  “I’ve just tried them on for the first time, I like them. They give me full range of movement and I the style and the fit. I saw James Ward in the first week of Wimbledon, I watched his match, just so I could see what it looked like on him and envisage myself in that position. I’m a big Norwich fan as well, so the green stripes do me very well.”


Hewett was visibly excited as he said: “I really like the kit, it’s very comfy to play in, I have all range of movement, so it feels nice and Australian L’Alpina have given me a lot of kit in different colours and I have had a lot of good feedback from it.”


On defending his Wimbledon Doubles title with Gordon Reid, Hewett said: “We won the doubles last year, so we’re going there to defend our title and that will be tough. Everyone will be gunning for us, but once again, we’ll be at our home grand slam so the support will be great. He’ll have his friends and family and I’ll have my friends and family, so hopefully people from Britain will come out and support us. That’s one of the best parts of this event is knowing that we’ll get some great support. We’ve been working hard, we’ve had a few tough losses recently, but we’re ready to go.”


On his first round match up against Nicholas Peifer,, Hewett said this: “I’ve avoided the top two seeds which is good. Nicholas and I have had some close matches in the past and anything can happen on grass, so I’m looking forward to it.”


Despite being considered a dark horse for the Singles title, Hewett and partner Gordon Reid are favourites to retain their Wimbledon Doubles title from last year. Hewett told us that the pressure in the Doubles matches are much greater at Wimbledon than anywhere else.


The Norwich City season ticket holder has had a good rivalry with Argentine Gustavo Fernandez in recent months, beating his compatriot in the Rolland Garros final only weeks after losing to him in straight sets.


Hewett had this to say on his recent match-ups against Fernandez: “Anything can happen, it’s a tough surface, and movement is exposed. Both of our movements will be key to winning the match I have to focus on my first match against Nicholas (Peifer), if I win and he wins, then I think we’ll play each other in the semi’s, so a rematch of the Rolland Garros final will definitely be interesting.

Australian L’Alpina are an Italian brand with a heritage that goes back as far as 1946.  Originally founded in 1946 by Leardo Gabrielli, the L’Alpina brand of clothing soon grew to dominate the fashionable tennis scene in the late 50s and early 60s and was the benchmark for contemporary styling and practicality.   The popularity of the brand, with its unique Kangaroo motif lead to the range of clothing extending from the tennis court to the leisure market and the ‘Australian’ brand was born.

The retro styled L’Alpina range of clothing is still being designed and made in Italy and is exclusively available in the UK from Australian clothing.


Introducing Jack Russell London’s Autumn/Winter 17 Collection

For this Autumn/Winter 17, premium accessories brand, Jack Russell London unveils its new collection
featuring premium full grain goat leather and Korean nylon. Jack Russell evolved from the union of
leather bag and accessory specialists, Jack Russell Malletier Paris. The brand’s approach was to create a
range of bags and accessories that made it easier for the urban man to live and work exactly how they
want to.

51°30’ LEATHER
Comprising of premium full grain embossed goat leather, the 51°30’ Leather collection is available in
three colour ways – black, burgundy and lava – most feature Jack Russell’s signature contrasting
burgundy lining and palladium or pale gold hardware. The range consists of three products, including a
backpack and briefcase, which is available in two sizes, each with two zips and a padded technology
pocket to house an iPad or laptop, as well as dedicated areas to hold documents and office essentials.
The 24-hour bag has been designed specifically with the urban commuter in mind. The two zips allow
separation of office essentials and workout kit. With multi-functionality in mind, the 24-hour bag can be
used for an overnight stay or as a carry-on bag for a long haul flight.

51°30’ NYLON
Constructed in Black and Khaki Korean nylon, Jack Russell’s nylon range features a contrasting lining and
palladium hardware for a contemporary urban look. With a style to suit every taste, the line comprises of
a Camera Bag, Backpack, Slim Briefcase and 24-hour bag

51°30’ SLG
Similarly to the mainline leather collection, the wallet and cardholder range is manufactured using full
grain embossed goat leather. In addition, Jack Russell has also introduced smooth calf leather into this
collection. The accessories line features a contrasting lining and pale gold hardware to perfectly
complement the leather and nylon collections.

Finally, each item is finished with Jack Russell’s signature logo. Inspired by the concept of travel without
borders and referencing Morse code – the shortest and most far reaching method of communication – the
logo’s graphic, minimalist design reflects Jack Russell’s bold outlook and straightforward design

Geographic coordinates are a recurring characteristic of the brand. Each range is inspired by a global
location. Borough, Jack Russell London’s signature range, for example, is named after the site of its
London headquarters.

Committed to using high quality design features and fabrics, Jack Russell is passionate about every
detail that goes into its collection and is set to make this Autumn/Winter 17 collection unforgettable.

Henry Holland Announced as Keynote Speaker

Press release: June 2017


(Credit: Mariano Vivianco)

Following his 10th anniversary, a successful second collection with Habitat, and on the cusp of launching his own concept store in China, Pure London is delighted to announce British fashion designer Henry Holland as its second keynote speaker.


Henry’s Pure London address on Monday 24th July at 3.20pm will cover topics ranging from his unconventional route into the fashion industry and how to remain authentic, negotiating the collaboration process, how to regularly engage customers and keep them excited about the brand, and his greatest challenges.



After graduating from the London College of Printing with a BA (Hons) Journalism, Henry was catapulted into the fashion limelight in 2006 with his irreverent ‘fashion groupies’ slogan tees featuring catchphrases such as “uhu Gareth Pugh” and “Get your freak on Giles Deacon”. In February 2008, after two seasons showing with Fashion East, House Of Holland held its first solo show on the London Fashion Week schedule to critical acclaim. House Of Holland is firmly established in the international fashion arena and in January 2012 was awarded a two-season Fashion Forward sponsorship. Now in its 10th year, House Of Holland boasts an impressive roster of international premium stockists including Browns Focus, Colette, Emporium, Harvey Nichols, IT, Isetan, Liberty, Lisa Via Roma, Matches, Net-A-Porter, Opening Ceremony and Shopbop. Henry is also heavily involved in collaborations with Debenhams, Umbro and Habitat.


In his own words Henry took an alternative approach to entering the fashion industry; “I kind of worked back to front and launched my business with one of the most commercial products that you can which is a printed t-shirt, and then I built an aesthetic off the back of that. I think that for a lot of people they spend time in a design school working on their aesthetic and developing their creativity, then for the first two years of their career they really showcase that and maybe after three years they drill that down to something more commercial and viable product for the consumer. I did that whole process completely back to front. The biggest challenge for me has been communicating to the consumer and the media that we are more than a t-shirt brand.”


Renowned for his brand collaborations, Henry’s recent collection with Habitat has drawn him into the world of interiors. Talking about the process Henry says; “We translated the ready to wear collection, evolving that into homeware, using the same prints and the same embellishment techniques, so we continue to tell that story. It was really about working with their team to work out ways to execute that because there are different techniques being employed, different ideas and different materials that I’ve never worked with before. For example, I’ve never made a rug before or worked with those kinds of suppliers so it’s about working with them to help execute the concept and the ideas and build it as a range to make sense to their customer.


The most exciting parts of the collaboration are working on different executions and different categories. They worked out the different techniques and we utilised a lot of our print and pattern work. We work with people for two different reasons, to develop into different product areas and deliver new and exciting things for customers, and also to utilise them for their different experiences, expertise and factory contacts.”


With a successful wholesale business as well as See Now/Buy Now collections comes other challenges such as the pace of the industry. Henry says: “Slow down. Give us a chance to breathe. It’s a very competitive market and it’s a very competitive fashion calendar. There is a challenge for smaller brands to keep up with the pace of the bigger brands and their bigger budgets. I think it would be great if there was a better reception to people creating collections with a frequency that suits them. Often having to sit within certain fashion calendars throughout the year is really tricky, and we’re very much dictated to. There are so many brands out there today since I started, the increase in the number of brands in the market place has exploded, so given the volume of brands there could be less structure in terms of the frequency in which all of those brands deliver.”


On the See Now/Buy Now model Henry says; “It’s important to balance the See Now/Buy Now model with a much stronger core collection which is more trans-seasonal and much more permanent for a brand and then have these peak showcase collections which are See Now/Buy Now.”


Taking 26% of the business share, China is an important and growing market for House Of Holland. It will be the first market to see a House Of Holland concept store, something that’s been on Henry’s career bucket list; “I would like to build our own retail concept whether that’s bricks and mortar or more of an online proposition. To create something that showcases our world as a whole, as an entirety encompassing all our collections and product categories under one roof, there’s an opportunity there to create something really exciting.”


Julie Driscoll, Portfolio Director for Pure London, commented; “Henry is a much loved and respected figure in the industry and we are delighted to welcome him to Pure London. I think visitors will find his address insightful and informative.”


Henry will add to a line-up of more than 30 inspiring speakers across the three days, including Sunday’s keynote address by Dr Pam Hogg. A whole host of panel discussions, Q&A’s, trends, insights and fashion-forward catwalk shows are set to further enhance the visitor experience and guide buying choices at Pure London.


Other speakers include Ben Allingham, Head of PR and Marketing at Just Hype, Alice Ratcliffe, Brand Lead, Appear Here, Olivia Cantillon, Director, Ownthelook.com and Nichole de Carle, Lecturer at London College of Fashion for Activewear, Lingerie & Swimwear Design, as well as Sara Maggioni, Director of Retail and Buying at WGSN. A highlight for buyers, stylists and designers each season, Maggioni will share the key looks, colours, shapes and fabrics set to be huge in Spring Summer 18. These looks will then be brought to life in the main runway show, with all outfits available to order from brands at Pure London.


To view the seminar programme and find out more information on the SS18 event, visit www.purelondon.com. The next edition will take place from 23rd – 25th July at London Olympia, welcoming over 800 brands across womenswear, menswear, young fashion, athleisure, footwear and accessories.


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About Pure London:

Pure London is the UK’s leading trade fashion buying event, representing womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories and young fashion. The show offers buyers from UK and international independents, multiples, department stores, etailers and mail order, the opportunity to discover collections launching for the season ahead, attend catwalk shows and hear from their peers and other industry experts in valuable seminars and workshops. Pure London is an Ascential event. www.purelondon.com


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