Rocky Star introduces their AW19 collection to crowds during LFW at Fashion Scout

On a silent night, joy and fear happily mingle with each other, humming tunes in hushed tones, creating a breathtaking symphony. Where an enchanted world, exists alongside the disenchanted one. Where faith is at its helm and fright at its…


PopPR is hosting our infamous Press Day today with their  clients which include Malan Breton, Pyrrha Jewellery, Jayne Pierson, Rocky Star as well as some newbies such as Udda, Tusting and the launch for PREPSOCIAL’S latest beauty

SS18 Designers Story

DI LIBORIO Milan based label with an innate rebellious aesthetic. From fashion to art and through music, di Liborio’s collection’s inspiration has always been influenced by the aesthetics of interior design, scenography, theatrical costume, fashion design and the world of…

Making The Magazine Cover DESIGNERS

Special thanks to POP-PR Julia Clancey  Julia Clancey has spent the last couple of years focusing and developing the accessory line. Her attention to detail and love of vintage led to the creation of her unique collection. With Swarovski as…

Fab UK team have produced another exciting issue.Featuring Elton Jhon, was taken by Brice Anxionnaz and was nominated as one of the festival’s Best Photo by the Cannes Film Festival organisers.
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