Antarctica: The First Dance

ANTARCTICA: THE FIRST DANCE, the first time a dance film has been made on Antarctica, with a professional ballet dancer, Royal New Zealand Ballet star Madeleine Graham. The passion project of 28-year-old choreographer Corey Baker, they spent 12 days filming on the ice in February in temperatures as low as -16 degrees.

Madeleine Graham. Photo © Jacob Bryant.

Corey’s ambition with this project is to raise awareness of the effects of climate change on Antarctica (it’s been calculated that in the time it takes to watch the film – 4.5 minutes – 860,000 tonnes of Antarctica ice will melt). Corey crew up in New Zealand, near to Antarctica, so the impact of climate change in this area has been a huge passion of his for many years. The film is being premiered on EARTH DAY (22nd April), the largest civic-focused day of action in the world reaching more than 1 billion people in 192 countries.

ANTARTICA: THE FIRST DANCE, receives it’s World Premiere on EARTH DAY (22nd April) at Somerset House and will also be released digitally on Random Acts for Channel 4. 


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