DB Berdan – AW20 During London Fashion Week

DB Berdan are proud to announce that their AW20 runway show was in collaboration with various independent artists. The QR digital multimedia world is generated by a unique set of London Based artists; Ursula PelczarFabrizio , Don Carlito, Christoph Andreas Pelczar and Agathe Silvagni. Rising non binary pop star Dorian Electra will be walking in their catwalk this season Electra makes music that defies gender norms. Each one of Electra’s singles (has been accompanied by a high-concept, hyper-stylized music video that helps create a bigger world than the music alone. The atmospheric mechanic Show soundscape will be generated by CAP using sounds from textile industry machines, fabrics, zips and snaps.

DB Berdan has worked together with Turkish Denim Mill ORTA this season to create some amazing pieces within the collection too, using ethically sourced denims in aims to create a more robust denim ecosystem where art (design) meets ethics for new infinite possibilities of denim today and tomorrow. DB Berdan also worked with Mona Leanne from The WALL Group to create some amazing Special Effects prosthetic looks for the models. DB Berdan used skeletal jewelery made by EXO. EXO aims to promote the eternal wisdom and immortality of nature.

DB BERDAN are a young and sharp London based urban lux brand, launched by the matriarchal Turkish designers Beg Berdan and Deniz Berdan. DB BERDAN collections focus on genderless clothing and the eradication of heteronormativity, aiming to unite a community of like-minded individuals, that are not defined by sex, race or gender. DB BERDAN socially advanced garments embrace every part of postmodern society is passionate and spirited collections of streetwear, with inspiration coming from social rights movements and the underground culture. Their designs bring a sense of pride and freedom of speech to their collections, evoking prevalent messages, as a form of protest against civil unrests felt in their home country of Turkey. Proud advocators of the LGBTQ community, when Pride was banned from the streets of Istanbul, they brought the celebration to their Catwalk for Mercedes Benz in protest.